We get… bananas!

Just have to tell this quickly before my mum wants to work on this tv-type-thing! I think Ernie’s mum has very fine ideas! I really do! Listen to this!

My grandpa Lennox and me, we sometimes eat things we find in the park, especially rabbit droppings and other ‘s…’  … Mum does not like us to do that, that’s mum! We like it, she doesn’t!! 😦
Ernie’s mum told her to give us a banana every day and we won’t do it anymore. Nice advice, very nice advice because we like bananas! We love babanas!

So every day we get a half banana each! Not a whole one! 😦 Anyway: better a half one then no banana at all! See us, mum had the blinking thing to see us waiting! 😉

PS Mum remarked this morning that it works! We eat less rabbit droppings and other s…. Do we, grandpa Lennox?

Me?… Best detective ever!

This time I have no idea where we are going. We go with the car, that’s for sure because I get my harness on and we step in! 🙂 Mum sits next to me, as always when Lennox is not coming. We like that! Cuddling time! 🙂

Where are we now? I have never been here! This is a shop I think! I look around before we go in! Look! A big dog at the entrance: a german shepherd… Where is the airedale? We go in!

My goodness! This is a petshop! And a very big one! A really big one! Yihaaaaa; Wagwoofwaf. never been here! Wafwaf!

Kita, shut up or we will be put out! Sssstttt!

Wafwafwaf! I’ll be quiet! First we choose a collar with lights for me! Within a few weeks it will be dark soon and mum wants to see where I am when I’m off the leash in the dogpark. She knows since last year I can hide very well! This one? Really? Even my overseas friends will see me! 😉 🙂
While dad looks at other collars and leashes-stuff, I may look around, my mum says! No need to say that 2 times! 🙂
I’m sniffing all kind of good things! (Mum watches me!!! only sniffing is allowed – ggrrr)

Kita, find your dinnerfood and Lennox’s too! Be a detective, my girl! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Euh, what does she say? Why is she laughing? Does she think I can not do that? I’ll show her not to mock with me! I step around sniffing! I stop: this smells like the chunks of my grandpa Lennox! i look at mum. Does she see I know it. Yes she does! What an incredible face she makes! hahaha! She puts the bag on the car! She almost does not believe it! Told you, mum, not to mock with my nose!
Now i still have to find mine! YES, YES, YES… these are defenitely mine, I get almost in the hole, on the bags. Mum really is surprised! Hahaha!

Me? Best food-detective ever! 😉

Unusual Friday… Great friday and big new friend! ;-)

This time, I understand it immediatly! After breakfast mum takes two leashes! So grandpa Lennox is coming too! Think I know what we are going to do! To the dogpark and then… maybe to holidaymum?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Holidaymum is there! What did I say!
Oh, and Eros is there too? And Ernie is coming! Grandpa, this sounds like big fun! We play all day! Even Ernie played this time! Yes! Great Friday while mum is to the city of ‘Gent’, visiting a ‘seamum of dings’.

Help! Design museum, Kita! Design museum!

So, while mum was at the ‘dings’, we had a great time! Are we already going home, holidaymum? It seems so! We arrive in the dogpark! Yes, my mum is there! Yes, yes, I run as fast as I can to say hello and I jump! Mum even does not say no? And I jump up? 😉 Waauw, she must be happy to see me!

Oh, and look over there! My new big friend is there too! Konan, Konan… I’m here! Konan is a giant gentleman Leonberger of two years old! He is very gentle and he is a man! A very big man, I like him! Mum, you have the blinking box to make pics? We move too much to have good pictures? Well, we play, you have to understand! 😉

What??!… Eating this ball??!

My mum’s human pup has a vegetable garden, I already told that! We went to see that! I tell you: this garden is weird! There are growing balls in it!

The human pup showed me the ball. Of course I wanted to play with it! I couldn’t! I tell you: what’s the idea like: to make growing balls in your garden and then, you cannot play with them! This airedale-lady thinks that is very stupid! 😉

And then, it was even getting more crazy! They were eating the ball! I tell you! Yes, it is the truth: they were eating the ball! And the good news? I got a very little piece of it, so did my grandpa Lennox! Yummie! Very yummie! Tasted better than the tennisballs in the dogpark! Those humans know what is good, I admit that! 🙂
Maybe it is not that stupid to have growing balls in the garden?? 😉





Evening out… on the 16th floor!

In my life, bizar things happen! Really!

Yesterday evening! Mum and dad were invited for dinner at the place of mum’s friend. We arrive! Jesus, what a house! So big! Even the big boxes in the special park and the big buildings near that park are little if you see this building. (If you don’t remember: look here: https://everydayanairedale.wordpress.com/2013/08/22/a-big-day-real-big/ ) Mum says: no pics, it’s too dark!

What does my mum say? I have to be a good girl because we go to the 16th floor? What’s that? 16th floor? We enter a very small room, have seen that before, oh, yes, this lady knows some things! Doors close and up we go! That takes a long time! Is it finished? Not Yet? Ieeeieeegrrrwaf!

Kita, shut up! Be a good girl, I said!

Ouf, the doors open! And there is mum’s friend! We go in and the talking and eating (!)of the mums and dads starts! I’m a good girl, I get a treat and there’s a lot of chew-work to do… 😉 I even get a drink! 😉 Several drinks!

But I can not play with the funny carpet! i kept an eye on it almost all the time. This dinner takes time: they are cooking at the table! Tell me, this is bizar, no? But the mums and dads enjoy it! This goes on and on… pfff, I’ll take a nap! 🙂

Me? Tired!… My mum? Proud of me!

This was so nice! On monday morning things were different! We got up very, very early! After breakfast, we go to the dogpark. Me and mum. This time, my grandpa Lennox came too! He did not understand, neither did I.

We came in the dogpark! Big, very big surprise! Who is there? Holidaymum! Hey, holidaymum, do you have a treat for us? Of course, she has! 🙂 And look!!! Dixie and Eva are there too! Grandpa, grandpa, Dixie is there! Your girlfriend Dixie is there!

What is mum doing? She gives our leashes at holidaymum? Oh, can we go home with her? Grandpa, you see that? Yes, holiday at holidaymum’s place! Waaauw!! Woof, woof! Euh, mum is leaving the park?? Grandpa Lennox even doesn’t notice, but I do! I say bye!!

On Tuesday evening dad and mum came to get us at holidaymum’s place. I was so very, very tired! I played all the time with Eva! We had so much fun! We didn’t have time for mischiefs this time! Mum was so proud of me! 😉

And today? I slept all day! Really, I slept all day! 😉 🙂

Especially for my overseas friend… sir Darwin!

When my mum is before the special television with a thing on which she types… sometimes I can have a look! That’s when there are beautiful airedale-sirs and airedale-ladies!

So I met Sadie and Missi and Gracie and Paisly… you know, the gang with the get-on-the-list-thing?!
But now, we found some pictures of me some time ago! I first thougt it were pictures of sir Darwin! Sir Darwin is the dale with the beautiful and very special ears! My mum likes him! She says he isn’t as young as me but still going very strong! But not as old as my grandpa Lennox neither! I admire sir Darwin, he’s a real airedale-sir! Oh, yes!!

Well, sir Darwin, have a look at my pics! Are my ears as beautiful as yours? I hope so!!

PS Will you please tell your dad my mum tries to vote when she can?

About crocodiles … and Auras…

On thirsday and friday my mum did not go to her library. She was in Ostend… she was there on a very big library-event called “Informatie aan zee”. There she was with the people of Aura. I don’t know what that is, but mum showed me a pic! There was a same thing on a very high table as on her desk at home and I saw the same thing on the big television as at home when she is working… That is when I can’ t use it to tell my stories… So I think she was just at work with the Aura-thing!

Showing software, Kita! Aura software for libraries!

So my mum was away for quit some time. We made a long walk when she was home, she needed fresh air! First thing we met? A crocodile! Mum, look at this! I bark, but mum does not seem to anxious… This seems a crocodile, no? Be careful! I’ll sniff a little to see if this is safe! 🙂 Okay, it’s dead, that’s for sure! Mum, why do you laugh?

Kita, a crocodile? That’s a piece of a tree!

Euh?? Let’s move on! 😉


New pup in town… Hello Pablo!

Well, well… I have bad manners??? I tell you something!

Not today or yesterday but the day before the day before yesterday, I was in the dogpark with grandpa Lennox and mum and dad. Playing with the usual friends! But suddenly a lot of commotion at the gate and near the table.

Everybody called me! Kita! Why? New pup! Kita can play with the pup, another dad said! A pup? A little boy-pup! What’s your name? Pablo! What a cutie, and you are not afraid! Hey little one! You want to play? No? Only sniffing? 🙂

You want to drink? Okay, you see, over there you can get some water to drink! Near the table of the humans! Don’t try to get on the table because my mum gets angry than!  Oh no, don’t do that! ohohoh!!!! You don’t drink with your paws! 😦

Mum! Mum?! Mum??!! You see this? Who has bad manners now? Did you see it? With the blinking box???!!!
Yes, yes, I know, he’s only a baby… a cute baby but one with bad manners! 😉

300!… 60!… I have lots of friends all over the aire-world! :-)

Mum says this is rather special! I think this is rather very special! I think I’m a very lucky Kita! I’l explain it to you! I’m telling the 300th story on my blog today! I like telling stories, that’s for sure!

But what’s so special about all this? Well, my mum showed it to me! Mum and me, we can not see who reads the stories on my blog unless you leave a reaction or you say something on FaceBook about the story! But mum and me can only see (since february 2012) in which country you are when reading my story!
That’s so amazing!! I have friends in 60 countries all over the world! See the picture! 

That’s wonderfull! That’s amazing too! Me, Kita, is so glad I can make you smile where ever you are, out there in the big, sometimes angry world! Just by telling my ‘simple’ everyday life… Someone once said: It’s the little common things in life that do  matter most… 🙂 Maybe that’s true, at least for me, Kita! Thanks for reading and joining me, guys!

See you around, friends everywhere, on my blog! 😉