About crocodiles … and Auras…

On thirsday and friday my mum did not go to her library. She was in Ostend… she was there on a very big library-event called “Informatie aan zee”. There she was with the people of Aura. I don’t know what that is, but mum showed me a pic! There was a same thing on a very high table as on her desk at home and I saw the same thing on the big television as at home when she is working… That is when I can’ t use it to tell my stories… So I think she was just at work with the Aura-thing!

Showing software, Kita! Aura software for libraries!

So my mum was away for quit some time. We made a long walk when she was home, she needed fresh air! First thing we met? A crocodile! Mum, look at this! I bark, but mum does not seem to anxious… This seems a crocodile, no? Be careful! I’ll sniff a little to see if this is safe! 🙂 Okay, it’s dead, that’s for sure! Mum, why do you laugh?

Kita, a crocodile? That’s a piece of a tree!

Euh?? Let’s move on! 😉


  1. Hi Kita,
    Sorry, you had to miss your mum for some days!
    We were very happy to have her on our stand at ‘Informatie aan zee’. I hear she knows many people in the library business and talked to many of them.

    Hope she wil spend some extra time with you now and take you for a long and fun walk!
    Bey now,
    Wilma from the Aura-team

    • Hey Misses Wilma, you are the Aura-misses! Mum always says the Aura-people are so friendly! That’s why she leaves me for two whole days! I agree, because afterwards we make long walks and I get treats!! Big hugs, Kita

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