New pup in town… Hello Pablo!

Well, well… I have bad manners??? I tell you something!

Not today or yesterday but the day before the day before yesterday, I was in the dogpark with grandpa Lennox and mum and dad. Playing with the usual friends! But suddenly a lot of commotion at the gate and near the table.

Everybody called me! Kita! Why? New pup! Kita can play with the pup, another dad said! A pup? A little boy-pup! What’s your name? Pablo! What a cutie, and you are not afraid! Hey little one! You want to play? No? Only sniffing? 🙂

You want to drink? Okay, you see, over there you can get some water to drink! Near the table of the humans! Don’t try to get on the table because my mum gets angry than!  Oh no, don’t do that! ohohoh!!!! You don’t drink with your paws! 😦

Mum! Mum?! Mum??!! You see this? Who has bad manners now? Did you see it? With the blinking box???!!!
Yes, yes, I know, he’s only a baby… a cute baby but one with bad manners! 😉

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