A little talk… with result!

Mum, listen, I said. Mum, you and me we have to have a nice little chat. You hear me? A nice little chat. As she does in those circomstances, I raised my voice a bit.
Got immediatly her attention.

Mum, listen. I like you crocheting small and big critters of all kind. I like to see and inspect the critters. But now you go a bit too far. Even the française agrees this time, although the crocheting does not interest her… she only likes to run around with little left overs. 🙂 🙂

Mum, but this time, I said, this time you really go too far! We have two cats in the house! i can’t support that! I really can’t! Although one is a very famous cat from a book!
No way!

Well, I said, well, what are you going to do about it? And I’m serious, you know! 😉

You know what? Mum bursted out in laughter! Go figure! This should be a serious little chat, an important one and she bursts out in laughter? 😦

What? They will leave? LEAVE?!!! Okay, no more chat needed. Time for a nap. Mum still laughs… 😉

Oooh no!!… Mum is groaning!

Yes, mum, indeed! Take pictures of this piece of art of the française! She was up early this morning! She really was thinking that was funny! Told her: dad would be “de mauvaise humeur”, even him, daddy-girl! 😉 Yes, yes, you understand me perfectly well!

Okay, mum, here she is, the guilty one! Start fototooting! Yes, yes, and graon! Tell her ladies don’t do such things! 🙂

What??? Me too? Oh no! Did I? When I was a baby? Oooooh. Mum, listen, the française is not a baby anymore! She should know better!  😉

Okay, I’ll groan her too! In our own bedroon, my dogness! That’s no place for wallpaper-art! 😉 Bad choice, Lizzie!


History… at the market???

Come on, Kita, we go out!

What, I’ve already been out. Mum too, with the human pup. And now with me? Okay, I’m ready! Where are we going? To the market nearby? On saturday evening? That’s new, normally it is on Thursday morning!

Okay, off we go! Look mum, there is a special sir! Yes, Kita! We go straight to him? Mum explains to him tthat when she was a small pup, her dad was wearing such a uniform too! It brings back memories… What does she ask for? A fototoot with Kita? To unite history and present? Hey, that’s me she is talking about! 🙂
Of course the nice man says yes, I’m such a lady! Who would say no? ❤

Afterwards we visit the rest of the market. As always there are stupid things: told you already some time ago! Legs without body to show trousers, heads without body to show bonnets and wearest of all: bodies without arms and legs and without head. How on earth do they all get home?
After all this years I still don’t understand! 😉

And then I said hello to the unicorns, to every one of them! A lady is polite, you know!!! 🙂

Give Aire Ladies… some space (Part II)

[A few hours later]

– “Aren’t we both very lady-like, Kita, giving each other all this space sur le canapé?”
– “As you know, Lizzie, I am always behaving like an Airedale Lady.”
– “Ah non, ce n’est pas vrai! In the car earlier you didn’t!” 😦

– “Come on, girls, move over, both of you. I am going to watch some tv now.”
– “But, Dad, when you sit here, there isn’t enough room left for Lizzie and me…”
– “Sorry, girls, one of you will have to take the ergonomic bed of Grandpa Lennox.”
– “Can I get le privilège to sit next to you, Dad? After all, I am your Daddy’s girl, non? We can cuddle, you giving me des caresses and me chewing gently on your fingers…”

(I’ll put on my seducing puppy face… Kita told me Grandpa Lennox always did that, when he was in trouble or wanted something badly… I can easily read her thought: “Ca alors!” 😉

Sissie Lizzie,
aka The Frenchie


Give Aire Ladies… some space (Part I)

– “Kita, please! Give me some space, quand-même!”
– “Mmm… Grrrr!!! Leave me alone, petite française.” 😦

(Qu’est-ce qu’elle a, celle-la? What on earth is wrong with her?)

– “I know I’m small, but pas tellement petite! I want some room, moi aussi!
– “Grandpa Lennox told me it was a privilege of old age to take all the space one wants.”
– “You’re not old, Kita! Older than me, je veux bien, but I have rights too, tu sais. I want more than juste ce petit coin.” 😦

[Fierce bitey-face in the backseat of the car]

– “Stop it, both of you! No fighting in the car, you know that.”
– “La française started it, Dad: she wants me to move over, so she can take my place.”
– “Stay in your place, Lizzie, and don’t annoy Kita anymore.”

(Eh bien, ça alors! Dad didn’t even turn his head! How would he know???
Ah, bon! Voilà, ca y est: to avoid trouble she has moved over to her side.) 😉

Sissie Lizzie,
aka The Frenchie


Library Airedales… helping out Mum!

– “Look, Dad! Viens vite! There is an e-mail from Mum in your Inbox.” 🙂

– “What!?! What on earth are you doing?!? I told you a million times already to stay away from the computer, didn’t I? All four on the floor, NOW!”

– “Well, yes, but… Je ne comprends pas! How come Kita is allowed to and I’m not? She looks at pictures of her friends on Mum’s computer and she has this blog…”

– “I know, I know… You are telling your little stories every once in a while yourself, aren’t you? Alright, let’s see: what does Mum want?”

– “Eh bien, I don’t get it all, bien sûr – it’s in Dutch and I am proud to be française, n’est-ce pas? –  but as far as I understand, she wants to know if we have a certain book in our private library, because if not, she can bring a copy along from her library at work.”

– “Well, your Dutch is improving at a fast pace, Lizzie, I must say! Mum loves these Henning Mankell thrillers about inspector Wallander, you see, so no wonder she wants to read it. We are looking for Midzomermoord. Will you help me search through our collection?”

– “Can’t find it, Dad! But… Ca alors! Look, it’s the very same book that Kita has been reading all morning! Here, Kita, give it to me!”

– “Oh no, you won’t! You only get to read it until after I have finished it!”

– “Hear now, Kita, Lizzie can’t read a book in Dutch, just yet…”

– “Indeed, I can’t… Rien à faire, c’est comme ça.” 😦

– “…and, moreover, it’s Mum who’ll want it from you as soon as she gets home.”

– “Well, we’ll have to see about that later then, won’t we…” 😉

Sissie Lizzie,
aka The Frenchie


Life is back to… normal… as far as normal exists for the française!

Okay, life is back to normal! It is: dogpark is repaired and all the friend come back there! So do we of course! 🙂 🙂

The française is a well known dale, nowadays! She is called the never-tired-girl! It is tiring to see her play and fly, the whole time! Yes, she likes the flying business! (see pics) Mum has a lot of action pictures of LIzzie and Milo and Alenka and Wako and old Flappie, who just was sitting and looking. He is so friendly and nice! 🙂 ❤ And there was a pup too, in the end! 🙂
And of course of this lady-like lady, I did not participate in all the rough playing… I was calmly walking around… 🙂