Give Aire Ladies… some space (Part I)

– “Kita, please! Give me some space, quand-même!”
– “Mmm… Grrrr!!! Leave me alone, petite française.” 😦

(Qu’est-ce qu’elle a, celle-la? What on earth is wrong with her?)

– “I know I’m small, but pas tellement petite! I want some room, moi aussi!
– “Grandpa Lennox told me it was a privilege of old age to take all the space one wants.”
– “You’re not old, Kita! Older than me, je veux bien, but I have rights too, tu sais. I want more than juste ce petit coin.” 😦

[Fierce bitey-face in the backseat of the car]

– “Stop it, both of you! No fighting in the car, you know that.”
– “La française started it, Dad: she wants me to move over, so she can take my place.”
– “Stay in your place, Lizzie, and don’t annoy Kita anymore.”

(Eh bien, ça alors! Dad didn’t even turn his head! How would he know???
Ah, bon! Voilà, ca y est: to avoid trouble she has moved over to her side.) 😉

Sissie Lizzie,
aka The Frenchie


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