Library Airedales… helping out Mum!

– “Look, Dad! Viens vite! There is an e-mail from Mum in your Inbox.” 🙂

– “What!?! What on earth are you doing?!? I told you a million times already to stay away from the computer, didn’t I? All four on the floor, NOW!”

– “Well, yes, but… Je ne comprends pas! How come Kita is allowed to and I’m not? She looks at pictures of her friends on Mum’s computer and she has this blog…”

– “I know, I know… You are telling your little stories every once in a while yourself, aren’t you? Alright, let’s see: what does Mum want?”

– “Eh bien, I don’t get it all, bien sûr – it’s in Dutch and I am proud to be française, n’est-ce pas? –  but as far as I understand, she wants to know if we have a certain book in our private library, because if not, she can bring a copy along from her library at work.”

– “Well, your Dutch is improving at a fast pace, Lizzie, I must say! Mum loves these Henning Mankell thrillers about inspector Wallander, you see, so no wonder she wants to read it. We are looking for Midzomermoord. Will you help me search through our collection?”

– “Can’t find it, Dad! But… Ca alors! Look, it’s the very same book that Kita has been reading all morning! Here, Kita, give it to me!”

– “Oh no, you won’t! You only get to read it until after I have finished it!”

– “Hear now, Kita, Lizzie can’t read a book in Dutch, just yet…”

– “Indeed, I can’t… Rien à faire, c’est comme ça.” 😦

– “…and, moreover, it’s Mum who’ll want it from you as soon as she gets home.”

– “Well, we’ll have to see about that later then, won’t we…” 😉

Sissie Lizzie,
aka The Frenchie


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