After… part one!

Okay, mum and dad have this nice cold. Yes, mum, I understand that a cold is not nice. So, we start again: mum and dad caught a good cold. What? Not good? Third time: They got a cold so we did not go too far and went to the little dogpark. Mum said something about after-pics. My dogness, she really is a pic-freak! Come on, française, let’s play! 🙂

Yes, colc-mum, we come! What, stay focused? We get a treat afterwards? There we go. Sissie, focus! Or no treat! Don’t spoil the fun! My dogness, this hurricane-française can’t focus! Look at the comic mum made of it! Anyway, mum got her pics and I got my treat! 😉

What do you say Lizzie? Am I “nue” in the pictures? What does that mean? Without clothes? Oh, you mean nude? I’m allready in spring outfit! 😉 What do you say? You don’t want a sprinng outfit? Hahahahaha. If dad says you have to, well then you have to! I heard him make the appointment. Within 2 weeks it is your turn! But I can tell you that the dad over there is very friendly and a good “coiffeur” as you say! 😉



A rope and… two happy girls!

Last sunday, weather was not too nice and mum was a bit ill, so we all decided to go to the small dogpark. Me and mum we leave first, the française and dad come a bit later. Something about a nice training… Surely it is about pulling on the leash when she comes near the dogpark! hahaha… 🙂 I know about that! hahahaa… 😉 I was mum’s despair at Lizzie’s age! 😉 Later on I turned into a nice not-pulling lady. Not sure that hurricane sissie will ever be!

Okay, I was going to tell you about last sunday! Me and mum arrived at the dogpark. I was a bit pissed because mum forgot our ball wit the rope. But then!!! Then I found a big rope that some mum or dad forgot! Yeeeey! ❤

There she is, the française! I know I have to wait near mum when she arrives. I learn quickly, you know! 😉


You’ll see the rest in the very long movie! 5 minutes! You will be tired, just watching, mum says! 😉





Fun, fun, fun!… and ‘clutter’!!!

You know my mum is a library mum. And sometimes she has to be “updated”. Then she goes to the city of Brussels, or Gent or here in Antwerp. Often she gets a lot of information in a bag. Long ago the papers were in a blue bag, with the name of a brand on it. Mum did not like the bag… 😉

Mum is doing some spring-ing and

Spring cleaning, Kita, spring cleaning! 🙂

Okay, mum is doing some spring-ing and she wanted to get rid off the bag. I told Lizzie that was good news. As always, she did not want to believe it. I told her to watch me! 😉

I went to mum and started sniffing at the pile “get rid off”. Mum said: oh Kita that’s a good idea, get some playing with that. It will have served at least for something! And… she gave me the bag. I run to the française with it and asked her: what did I say?

GO!!! 🙂 ❤ 🙂

Enthusiasm… can be annoying

– “Kita, can I ask you a question, please? J’ai un petit problème…p1400996-85x100

– “What is it, Lizzie? Are you not feeling okay after the surgery?”

– “Mais non! L’opération went well and I feel alright, je t’assure!

– “Well then, tell me, dear petite française, what is bothering you?”

– “Tu vois, I often meet other doggies on the leash in our neighborhood, and several of them go into a frenzy when they approach me! Je n’aime pas ça du tout!” 😦

– “You start whining and jumping around yourself too, don’t you?”

– “Eh bien, oui, that’s because their reaction makes me très exitée!”

– “Maybe they are somewhat intimidated by your enthusiasm…” 😉

– “Ca alors! I just want to go dire bonjour, and play with them!”

– “I know, but they don’t. After all, you are a bundle of energy!”

– “But I run over to doggies all the time in the dog-park, and that doesn’t give any commotion, n’est-ce pas? We run and play together just fine, sans agitation.”

– “That’s true. Don’t worry too much, sissie. You’re just fine.”

– “Je t’aime, Kita! ❤ You’re my big sister and best female friend!” ❤

[Aire high-five]

Sissie Lizzie,
aka The Frenchie


Stop this… pre-grooming!

Really, I have enough of this… The française always wants to play, biteyface, tug-o-war… Okay, I like a good play, but some things are not done! I explain it to you!

When I’m stronger than sissie Lizzie, she starts biting in my ears and neck and back and every where… In my nice curls. Go figure!!! 😉
Then I get a bit pissed and I get my upperlips up and she goes else where. 😉 Oh yes, untill now, I’m the boss over here!

Mum, how many of these nice curls did you already collect this week? A lot, yes! Think I should make a message to my hairdresser to warn him that I’m coming with a catastrophy of a “coiffure” next week, as the française says! Her fault! My dogness… 😦

We are in the… magician and art-business!

Wow! Wow! Wow!!

You know my mum has this red thing. With this red thing she makes pics of me and the française. These pics are not always good because we move a lot and then you do not see verything very well. The last thing you can say about mum’s pics, that is that they are artistic. 😉

But me, lady Kita, has overseas friends: Gage and Harper! They have a mum, of course! Yes, yes a doggie mum but also a human mum. 😉 Well, this human mum is a lot more artistic than my mum. She asked some of mum’s not artistic pics and then she used her magician stick (I can tell, I’m in the magician business too, remember?) and now we have artistic pictures! ❤ Not one, but many, many, many special and beautiful pictures! 🙂 ❤

Mum, listen I want to show them all to all my friends! Too many? No way, ALL! With a lot of “thank you very much”-es to the mum of Gage and Harper from me, lady Kita, and the française Lizzie! ❤
Is that clear to you? What do you say? Me, cheeky? Never! 😉

PS1 You’ll need time to see them all! 😉
PS2 Do you recognise us? Can you tell who is who? 😉