We are in the… magician and art-business!

Wow! Wow! Wow!!

You know my mum has this red thing. With this red thing she makes pics of me and the française. These pics are not always good because we move a lot and then you do not see verything very well. The last thing you can say about mum’s pics, that is that they are artistic. 😉

But me, lady Kita, has overseas friends: Gage and Harper! They have a mum, of course! Yes, yes a doggie mum but also a human mum. 😉 Well, this human mum is a lot more artistic than my mum. She asked some of mum’s not artistic pics and then she used her magician stick (I can tell, I’m in the magician business too, remember?) and now we have artistic pictures! ❤ Not one, but many, many, many special and beautiful pictures! 🙂 ❤

Mum, listen I want to show them all to all my friends! Too many? No way, ALL! With a lot of “thank you very much”-es to the mum of Gage and Harper from me, lady Kita, and the française Lizzie! ❤
Is that clear to you? What do you say? Me, cheeky? Never! 😉

PS1 You’ll need time to see them all! 😉
PS2 Do you recognise us? Can you tell who is who? 😉


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