New business… healing business!

It is almost unbelievable, but… yesterday evening it snowed again. Not that much and it was dark and too late to go out for me and sissie Lizzie. But kids did! And they made a snowman, at 50 meters from our window. Rex’s mum texted Rex was afraid of the snowman!

Mum, listen, we go out after lunch to fototoot me and the man of snow? To show Rex how ladies behave? 😉 What, you want to toot too, you? The française? My dogness, mum, no… we go with the 2 of us, really!

After lunch, me and mum went out. To the snowman. Oooh, my dogness, he fainted!!! Mum, the poor man needs help! Help me, will you? So me and mum were healing the snowman. He was happy and did not move during the toot. Good, stoïc man!

And there she came… the française! She convinced dad to go to the fototoot session too! Ppppfff, she almost behaved like a lady… at least at first! Hahahaha, poor Lizzie was very carefull because a bit afraid. She first looked from behind dad’s legs. Hahahaha. But then she was all right and even jumped! 🙂

See the fototoot!!

When the doorbell rings… we are the alarm!

Normally, when the doorbell rings… Olala, sacrebleu! Kita and me, we make a terrier-fying fuss, to warn Mum and Dad that a serious threat might be imminent. This morning, though, the doorbell rang at a very, very early time, beaucoup trop tôt. We weren’t even awake yet! Dad was nowhere in sight to get our morning routine going.

“Mum and Dad are still sleeping,” Kita whispered in my ear, “so we better be nice and quiet. Let’s pretend we’re not even here, and the threat will go away, I guess.” And so we did, and so it did. Whatever it was, on ne saura jamais. Kita didn’t move a muscle, she just stood there, comme une statue gelée, and I ran around a bit, comme un poulet sans tête.

We had barely resumed our sleeping positions, when Dad entered notre dortoir, apparently in one of these moods. Every move or sound he made, clearly showed that he wasn’t ready to get this Blue Monday started. And when he’s nervous, I’m not at ease either. Si je ne comprends rien, ça me rend nerveuse. But then we started cuddling and everything was great again.

Sissie Lizzie,
alias La Française

Only a few hours, but… we got snow!

It does not happen every year, really not! But yesterday, there was falling snow in Antwerp! We saw it from the window!

Mum, really, I want to go out? You know that? But we wait untill there is enough snow… Really,, sometimes she is silly, this mum of mine! 😉

In the end, we had to wait for almost 2 hours, an aeternity that is, it was my turn first! Of course, I am the oldest! The lady (drama) queen of the household! ❤ I played with Spanish gentleman Solar!

When I was home again, big surprise: mum took out the française while dad was fixing the shower… no more warm water…
Lizzie played with 2 Spanish gentlemen… You could say it was the Spanish-snow-day for me and the française!

We both needed rest after this snowbusiness! ❤

Yes, yes… well trained!

Today was a beautiful sunny winterday! It started good! At noon, we were going to the dogpark nearby! The française was very, very happy. Her big lover was there: Rex.
Well, because he is not my lover and only 8 or 9 months old, he is not my favorite! Surely not after today!

What happened? The 2 youngsters were playing very wild and running like fools. They don’t look to who else is in the park. Three weeks ago, they got dad down on the ground… Not too much harm done, but really… this lady got never a human down on the ground! 🙂

Well, playing too wild they both run into me at , at least, 40 km/hour! No, i do not exaggerate!!!! Well, I stayed on my four feet but from the big smack against me, THEY fell down at my feet. Dad was nearby and came to see… as always I stayed my stoïc self and walked to mum. She cleaned my face and leg: their dirty feet went up in my face… Mum said: we go home, keep moving a bit, do not lay down.
No pics, too fast, all what happened… 😦

Normally when I hear the word: home, in a dogpark, i don’t like it… this time however… 🙂

The française as well as I slept all afternoon. Because we are self-cleaning, you see exactly where we slept all afternoon!
But mum is really well trained, as you can see in the pictures! 😉