New business… healing business!

It is almost unbelievable, but… yesterday evening it snowed again. Not that much and it was dark and too late to go out for me and sissie Lizzie. But kids did! And they made a snowman, at 50 meters from our window. Rex’s mum texted Rex was afraid of the snowman!

Mum, listen, we go out after lunch to fototoot me and the man of snow? To show Rex how ladies behave? 😉 What, you want to toot too, you? The française? My dogness, mum, no… we go with the 2 of us, really!

After lunch, me and mum went out. To the snowman. Oooh, my dogness, he fainted!!! Mum, the poor man needs help! Help me, will you? So me and mum were healing the snowman. He was happy and did not move during the toot. Good, stoïc man!

And there she came… the française! She convinced dad to go to the fototoot session too! Ppppfff, she almost behaved like a lady… at least at first! Hahahaha, poor Lizzie was very carefull because a bit afraid. She first looked from behind dad’s legs. Hahahaha. But then she was all right and even jumped! 🙂

See the fototoot!!

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