Getting ready for tomorrow!… You too?

Mum came home very late today! I think she needs a holiday, really! Dad had to prepare my meals, except breakfast. Mum was briefing him, grandpa said, about the chicken. Grandpa is still jealous, you know, about the chicken! 😉
Well, mum, those holidays, it’s when?

Tomorrow evening, Kita! Tomorrow!

What does she say? I have to get ready? Of course, I’m always ready for holidays! What? Ball-stuff? Another mum told mum on the tv-typing-machine this: “Tell Miss Kita she better get well by Tuesday because it is Grandpa Lennox and Kita’s team against Nora and MacInnes’ team in that “ball thing” going on.” Mum??? Do I have to play? I need a very big nap and a very big rest! Not ready yet, me… although I eat chicken these days… I’m still not in my best form! 😦

I’m getting ready! Why do you disturb me? Oh no, for the fototoot?! Ggggrrrr…

By the way: me and grandpa, we decided to cheer for both teams! Double fun, grandpa says! 😉

Being bit sick means… being spoiled even more than normally…

 Maybe I’d get better sooner if we go to the seaside… That was what mum and dad were thinking. So said, so done. But I’m still bit sick. No vomitting anymore but the poo that looks like pee, well that goes on… with lots of pppprrrt’s! 🙂 But the poo-pee is getting bit less like water and it is not every hour anymore. 🙂

So you could say I’m getting better, yes. But I’m still spoiled rotten so I think mum is still worried. Listen to all this!

Normally i get breakfast and dinner. Now I get three meals! And I get boiled chicken  🙂  with boiled rice 😦 And mum does the green-cloth-treats on it. I eat all the chicken, I eat a bit of the rice and I don’t eat the treats! Why not? If I don’t, mum wraps them in more sliced chicken and gives them to me. What would you do? I’m smart! 😉

Then we go for walks to do “my ppprrrttt-business” (more often!) and then I don’t have to run my heart out on the beach, no we  walk a bit in the dunes to see the flowers or we sit on stairs and we admire the beach and the sea and other doggies playing. And I stay where I am and mum and me, we have big cuddles. Once we went on the beach to see these huges things! Summer-season strarted…
We also met Jara!  🙂

Not too bad, don’t you think, being a bit sick? 😉 But maybe better don’t follow my example, your mum could get worried… 😦

PS Grandpa is jealous about the chicken! 😉


Ball stuf? Flag stuff? Yes!… But I am ill! :-(

Grandpa warned me. He said: this is not good! Mum and dad will take you to the green clothes soon! Well, they did! 😦

Day one: I did not eat at all, but I still played a lot, with Dixie, remember? So nothing unusual, I’m a difficult eater, mum knows…
Day two: I did not eat at all, but I started vomiting, a lot of vomiting and outside I did this poo which was rather pee and it looked purple! 😦 I still did not eat anything, nothing at all! Even treats, I didn’t want them! Mum said: big trouble… But I was still drinking my water.
Day three=today: This morning: lot of vomiting again. Mum went to work and dad stayed home with me. At noon: purple poo-pee again! When mum got home, little panic! 😉 Call to the green clothes! Off we went! Hate it! Don’t like all these examinations. Green cloth asked lots of questions, I did not answer! 😉 He asked if I ate poison??? Who is that stupid? He says that dogs are sometimes. He said something like this: gastroenteritis. Surely that’s another dog or cat, that’s not me. Anyway, I was the one who got the two injections – grrrr. Mum and dad held me both! And I am the one who got bizar treats for the next days. But no antibiotics yet… 

Now we are back home. I’m not fine yet, but I follow mum again in the house and I don’t vomit anymore  and I go in my bench even with the door open, the safest place on earth when you’re “injected”! 😉

Guess what? Mum got me my own flag stuff! Isn’t that great! I even tried to smile for the little fototoot! Now dad looks at the ball stuff, he likes that more than the flag stuff!



A mum’s lady and… a daddy’s boy!

When a part of the ball-stuff was over (something about Italy home, or something like that), me and my mum, we went to the dogpark!

Kita, told you: my mum and me!

Yes, mum, I know… me and my mum, that’s clear! That’s what I say.
Big pleasure! There is me in mini: Dixie. You already met him several times! 

So, we were playing a bit… But Dixie really is a daddy’s boy! He plays only near the legs of his daddy, so the video shows his legs too! It was already getting a bit dark for very good pictures… 😦  Never mind, we were having fun! 🙂


Mum says video noise is terrible… so don’t listen, only look! 😉

Hehe… The world upside down?

Yesterday we made another walk, in the evening…

I could not believe my eyes! In the afternoon, I met an elephant and later on… a giraffe!

That’s alreaydy to have a heart that stops beating, but then the situation was very, very strange! There was the sign that dogs are not allowed: I hate them, really. But this time, I did agree! I could not agree more! The giraffe was in a big crate, together with slides and other toys for children!
Children and the giraffe in the same crate? This is a clear situation: I don’t go in! It is normal, dogs are not allowed! They want to keep us dogs safe. I can see that without sign: it’s safer outside the crate!

Come on, mum, we go on. This is to crazy for words! 😉


Foot-stuff and flags-stuff and … other madness!

Me and mum…

Mum and me, Kita, you should say mum and me!

Yes, yes, I see: me and mum – I do like you do, mum – we went into town today. Last time we do that before I”m groomed, we agree on that. No, no, no sheep-talk today, even worse, my mum says. Lots of remarks about airedales and unknown breed but one women was really rude! Mum heard her say that my mum should take more care of me, that I’m not pretty and well taken care off at all and that someone should talk with my mum to tell her that, she called me a neglected dog.  😦
My grandpa would have showed his teeth if he had been there!  That’s the second time this happens since I have that much hair and curls. Mum got bit angry so she did not want to argue with these women, we quickly turned back from where we came to avoid a big dispute. Mum said something about: not my circus, not my monkeys… Don’t understand a word of it, but she says she learned that on the tv-typing-machine this week. Okay, okay. 😉

Anyway, we did our walk, we were looking at all the flags for the foot-stuff. I understand it’s all about a ball and flags. Lots of Belgian flags for the Belgian ball of course. But one place was really nice: lots of flags for lots of balls! We liked that.

At the end of the walk, it was big madness! There was that statue with a red-devil-shirt and a flag on his head! My dogness. I just came back to my senses, when I met… an elephant! Really! Crazy day! See the pics!!


For lady Endora, Chef Mauricee and… brave, sliding Dusty!

Last Friday, me and mum, we made a fototoot! A real one, not for ourselves this time but for some very nice friends at the other side of the world!  Australia, mum says! Is that another friend of them, mum?

No, Kita, it is where they live. You live in Belgium, remember?

Okay, I see, next walk, when we have time, we go there and we’ll play together?! Is that a promise? 🙂

Oh Kita! (sigh)

Anyway, on the tv-typing-machine, I saw sir Dusty likes sliding down, he always is up there! I asked mum if we have slides too! So mum took me to the park to show them. We were impressed by the slides but we were disappointed we could not go in the children’s park… Mum says it’s forbidden… for Kitas and other dogs. So we took all kinds of pics, from a nice distance.
There is a part for adults too. We went in, but I did not like it that much: no slides!!! 😦 Funny: adults need explanations how to use everything! Children are much smarter than adults, they need no explanations. I did not see explanations in the children’s part!
After that, we took a nap, me and mum, in the grass with the daisies! Lovely!

So, here you go: lots and lots of pics, especially for lady Endora, Chef Mauricee and sliding sir Dusty!


An issue and… discussions…

This was a difficult wednesday… my dogness! Every time we come in the dogpark the other mums and dads are talking about my coat, about the big curls. Some like it, some don’t like it. I heard that mum said we go to the hairdresser’s in the beginning of july.

But then this afternoon, walking back home when we came from the dogpark (and again remarks on my curls, gggrrrr), we met two children! Giggling all the time! And one was pointing at me: a sheep! A sheep! A sheep with a harness, look! I looked up at mum and mum looked down to me! We both were a bit angry, not to say indignant!! No offense to those animals, but I am NOT a sheep! Mum did agree.

When we got home, the discussoin started. I said to mum she should do something about it. I told her to get that yellow thing and she should start the scissoring again! Everywhere, not only around my eyes. Long discussion, as ladies have with their mums, I suppose…

Result? Scissoring around my eyes again. That’s fine, now the hair does not hurt anymore and I don’t have to use my paw to ease this! But she only cut one little curl, to measure and show you. Ladies should be patient, she says…
Okay, but when I see these sheep-kids, I bark! Be sure of that! 

In two weeks, it’s grooming time, Kita!


About pickpocketing and… football!

What an evening! I surprised myself and my mum… and my mum surprised me. What do you mean? You don’t follow it?

It’s monday! Mum worked till 8 o’clock and afterwards we still go to the dogpark? At almost nine? Of course, dad was looking to the tv-typing-machine, live stream or somethig like that… ball-stuff!  So off we go!
Yes, there are friends in the dogpark: Jazzy and little Jacqueline, and Morris and me. Morris’ mum gave me a treat, she is kind, the mum of Morris! Really! The mums and dad all sat down at the table in the dogpark. I was next to Morris’ mum, look there in that pocket of her coat are the treats… Can I get one?

Kita! What do you have now? Come here!

Euh, mum reaally has eyes in her back!!! She could not have seen this! I was so surprised that I dropped it and ran to her! She was not pleased and pleased with me at the same time! I cant understand these humans!
Told grandpa when we came home and he said she was angry for pickpocketing a phone from Morris’ mum but she was pleased because I dropped it… That’s not my usual reaction… Normally I run away with what I have to play with it. Grandpa growled that I should be glad the phone was not injured! 

On the way home mum made pics… Everywhere: in the dogpark and at the houses are flags, Belgian flags… Belgium gets ready for the ball-stuff of tomorrow, mum says. Okay, livestream for dad and we to the dogpark? No, livestream for mum too???? Gggrrrr…


We want the world (to be clean)… and we want it now… ;-)

Mum was decided to choose the title of today! Nothing to do about that… She is the stubborn one… So, what do I do? I give in. She says you have to be old enough to see the wink that goes with it! My dogness, mum says  silly things these days… that’s because of all that work this month! My dogness, my dogness!

Anyway, I’ll tell you what this is all about. Last Tuesday, we came to the dogpark and mum said we’d better stop complaining about this and do something about it. There she had a less silly point, for once she was damned right. So before going into the park, she took the blinking box and made some pics, I waited patiently this time. If I agree, I agree and I don’t act as a silly dog, you should understand! 😉

She said she would mail these pics of this incredible situation to the “ombuds-lady” of the city to ask her to do something about this!

What do you ask? What was wrong? Since weeks the dustbins are too full with poop-bags… Weather is hot, imagine the smell that goes with it!!! Mum always says: complaining only never changes something… you have to act constructively.

Result of the mail? Ombuds-lady did a nice job! On wednesday morning everything was clean, grass had been mowed and we are ready for more summer. Mum says, there is a lot to say about this city but she likes the ombuds-lady, although she never met her…

Thanks lady and cleaning-guys!