Being bit sick means… being spoiled even more than normally…

 Maybe I’d get better sooner if we go to the seaside… That was what mum and dad were thinking. So said, so done. But I’m still bit sick. No vomitting anymore but the poo that looks like pee, well that goes on… with lots of pppprrrt’s! 🙂 But the poo-pee is getting bit less like water and it is not every hour anymore. 🙂

So you could say I’m getting better, yes. But I’m still spoiled rotten so I think mum is still worried. Listen to all this!

Normally i get breakfast and dinner. Now I get three meals! And I get boiled chicken  🙂  with boiled rice 😦 And mum does the green-cloth-treats on it. I eat all the chicken, I eat a bit of the rice and I don’t eat the treats! Why not? If I don’t, mum wraps them in more sliced chicken and gives them to me. What would you do? I’m smart! 😉

Then we go for walks to do “my ppprrrttt-business” (more often!) and then I don’t have to run my heart out on the beach, no we  walk a bit in the dunes to see the flowers or we sit on stairs and we admire the beach and the sea and other doggies playing. And I stay where I am and mum and me, we have big cuddles. Once we went on the beach to see these huges things! Summer-season strarted…
We also met Jara!  🙂

Not too bad, don’t you think, being a bit sick? 😉 But maybe better don’t follow my example, your mum could get worried… 😦

PS Grandpa is jealous about the chicken! 😉


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