Getting ready for tomorrow!… You too?

Mum came home very late today! I think she needs a holiday, really! Dad had to prepare my meals, except breakfast. Mum was briefing him, grandpa said, about the chicken. Grandpa is still jealous, you know, about the chicken! 😉
Well, mum, those holidays, it’s when?

Tomorrow evening, Kita! Tomorrow!

What does she say? I have to get ready? Of course, I’m always ready for holidays! What? Ball-stuff? Another mum told mum on the tv-typing-machine this: “Tell Miss Kita she better get well by Tuesday because it is Grandpa Lennox and Kita’s team against Nora and MacInnes’ team in that “ball thing” going on.” Mum??? Do I have to play? I need a very big nap and a very big rest! Not ready yet, me… although I eat chicken these days… I’m still not in my best form! 😦

I’m getting ready! Why do you disturb me? Oh no, for the fototoot?! Ggggrrrr…

By the way: me and grandpa, we decided to cheer for both teams! Double fun, grandpa says! 😉

  1. We haven’t been watching the football. Our team was rubbish anyway. We certainly wouldn’t roll around the field in agony if we fell down. Some of these footballers are better actors than footballers. Mum said we had to say that!!!
    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

    • Hello Monty, Taffy, Molly and Winnie. My mum says youare very right! My dad says very often during every match he watches: This would not be true in rugby, if they call this a contactsport, well, don’t be such comedians! And they should not argue with the man with the wistle! Tell your mum that we do agree! 🙂 😉 Nevertheless, we are going to watch tonight’s game… Big hugs, Kita

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