Old news for grandpa… new for me!

He told me, he told me! Something new coming your way, he said when mum took a little bottle out of the kitchen cupboard and when she got the old black harness too. Be patient and don’t get the soap-thing in your snout!

What on earth is he talking about? Shampoo, little one! Mum is going to wash you and not only with water this time!! Hu?? We’ll see, I said, my mummy’s dad told my mum never to use shampoo on a curly airedale, just water! What does he say, my grandpa? I’m a stinky lady after this diarrhoe? 😦 
Okay, we’ll see!
Grandpa, have a good look! I get no shompaa on my curls, you see it? Mum only does a bit in the water! Water, you see, water! And then, a lot of water without shompaa!

Kita, shampoo!!!
Oh, these females, always different… And dale-ladies for sure! My dogness! 

Water has a nice temperature! I like it. Yes mum, this smells fine. I’m not a stinky lady anymore, am I?

No, silly, girl!

Oh, I like this water getting all over me! Why do you stop, mum? This is better than the sea… I’m all wet and dripping… And there is the towel! 🙂 

Grandpa, just have a look! Here is the lady, smelling fine again! 🙂

Yes, little one! Don’t understand what you like at that water-bath-thing. I don’t! Gggrrr… Anyway, take your flag and you are at least ready for the ball-thing! 😉 



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