My dogness… Almost naked! Pppffff…

Hey little one, you really are the little one again! Hahahaha! So small! Hahahaha! 😉

Grandpa, don’t laugh at me! Just be jealous about my chicken, that’s enough! Don’t you think so?!  Grrr. And stop sniffing me! 😦

Shut up, little one! If that chicken makes you so small, I’m not jealous at all! But at least, you look less wild, hahahaha!

Don’t laugh too much! I had a nice trip, with mum next to me in the car, cuddling all the time! We went to see the mum and dad of my doggiemum Funnygirl van ’t Asbroek. And I did leave my clothes over there, yes, but with this hot weather you can be jealous again! I can get rid of my wintercoat, you can’t, hahahahaha! When I was ready, there was more Kita on the floor than on the table! Great pic!!!


And then we stopped in Wild to buy strawberries and cherries!

You stopped in the Wild, in the bush??? I don’t believe you!

Bush? Who says something about the bushes? You really get old, grandpa! The place is called Wild!

Shut up and stop it, you two! Wilderen is the name of the place! And no, no sttrawberries and cherries for you two!

Mum, can we go out incognito again now???



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