Newsflash: Red devils out… Kita in…

… in ‘The airedale terrier Year Book 2013″!

So the ball-thing that’s going on is little less thrilling from now on… at least for us, grandpa says. Although all the friends from everywhere were cheering! 😉 We’ll cheer for the others now, he says, than fun goes on! 😉

But the Red Devils are not the only famous ones here! Me, airedale-lady Kita is famous too! My mum got this present of my doggiemum’s mum! Yes, a book! For a librarymum that’s great news! But news is even a lot bigger than just great! This news is enormous! I, yes, me is in it!!! This airedale-lady Kita is in the book!

What do you think of that? Grandpa did not believe it at first. He says that I am overestimating myself a lot. So I ran to mum for help! She showed him the book and me in it. End of his remarks in this story. Just like the end for the red devils in their story… 😦

Proof? Look here! (Click on the pic to read the story…)


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