Singing in the rain… and looking ridiculous! :-)

No, no, no! No way! You can pull as much as you want! No way!

Normally I don’t mind at all! Really! Rain or no rain, I want to go out and go to the dogpark! Not today! And mum asks why! Stupid mum! Really! What do you put on to go out in the rain? Your coat! Exactly! Shall I remember you for a moment that my coat is under the table at my doggiemum’s place?!! So I do not go into this heavy rain! Not without coat!
What do you say? You have no raincoat for me? Stupid mum! You have one, why don’t I have one? Oh, normally I have my natural coat? Not these days, remember???

What does she say? She has an idea? Will I look ridiculous? I don’t mind, but I will not go in this rain without coat. Ah, my winter-jumper? Not hot today? I will not feel the rain anymore? Well, okay, what’s the problem? Too big after washing so many times? Mum, stop argueing and put it on! 🙂

Off we go! To the dogpark! I look very ridiculous, she is right, my mum, I do agree but at least I can walk in the rain! 🙂 And climb in my tree! No friends… too much rain? They have no coat? Nor a ridiculous jumper? I have! 😉   Pics and film! 😉  A pity: film is longer than the music…

This weekend, I’ll buy you a real coat, Kita! Promised!

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