Mum a bit mad at me because of… treasure inspection!

You read it! It happens!! Mum was a bit mad at me,oh yes, she was! How come?

This morning we made a long walk on the beach. There was a big storm yesterday and tonight, and then there are a lot of things to find on the beach. 🙂 Interesting stuff! Good smelling stuff! Fish! And then I ate one! Mum was angry. She yelled at me: Leave it. I did… at least a part of it and I quickly swallowed the rest. It was so yummy! What would you do? Mum was not even pleased with the left part! 😦 Could have eaten it as well. She says something about the poo-pee, remember? If I want that again??? No way…

So, on we went! We found lots of treasures! We found stars, stars of the sea. Mum, why don’t they give light? And why one has 4 paws and the other one 5? And somebody in the sea had his lawn mowed, there was green grass! You saw it too, mum? And this white thing? That’s for the birds of the human pup, no? And then we met a whole litter of crabs, all together!

Ooooh, my dogness! Look, mum! This comes all the way from the country of the silent wednesday-gang and little-already-big Apollo!! I want to take this home! What? She yells again? Twice in one hour? What do I do wrong? This is cooked ham, fresh from the sea!

LOS, Kita, LOS!

For my friends: LOS = Leave it! Poor me… Really, so much treasures to eat and mum forbids it. Okay, I go on strike and I sit and I will not move anymore! Forgot how stubborn my mum can be!  😦 

We got home allright… strike or no strike… Even saw sea-grapes and sea-brains. Forbidden to touch too, what did you expect???  😉

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