Sunday?… No, Business Day!

Weather is not that good! Many, many clouds and a bit of rain too. Never mind, mum, we go to the huge one, don’t we! Ha, she says yes! I know it: it is sunday morning… no library mum clothes! 😉

Sunday? My dogness! No, it really was a business day! First of all, they started the festival works in the huge dogpark. They already were mowing a big deal of the huge plain… Lots of flowers already gone. So, there we started the first business: fototoot business! 🙂 In the end I really was tired of it! Grrrr! 😉

Then fun started! Bo and Rea were there! Playing in the new sand, men were plowing some parts too! Never mind that too! Sand is big fun to play in! Second business in practice! Digging business! 
But with Rea and Bo, no dull moment! Yep: running business opened!

I would have liked mum carrying me home… but you know her! She is stubborn and she says that real ladies should walk, even after too many business occupations! 😦 At home, I went down and I stayed down for hours! 😉
And mum says I bring the whole damned park home… Think it does not please her too much today… 😉



Me, Rea and… the running-business!

Huge dogpark, this morning! Yes, friday, you know!

Me and Rea (sorry grandpa, it was me and Rea, yes!) we were having great fun. We did not see each other for a long time! So we had some playing and running to do! 🙂 Rea is a labradoodle and she likes playing and running as much as I do! And you know the best news? She does not swim neither! She stops when her belly gets wet! Isn’t that great? A real labradoodle-lady! 

And even better news? She has a very nice mum! 🙂 Oh yes, she has a mum with treats! ❤ We even got several treats! From her mum and my mum!
Don’t dare saying that this morning was not a good one! 😉 Pics and video will prove everything!




WWW with… Bacon!

What a Wonderfull Wednesday!!!! My (library-)mum and her colleague at school had a great idea today! They organised a “rendez-vous” for Mister Bacon (9 months old) and this lady at the huge dogpark this afternoon!

We had a great time. Bacon had the time of his life, his mum said! There were so many friends to play with, we were in the water… Water-business, n’est-ce pas? And no, I still don’t dare to swim as the other doggies did… 😦 But my belly was very wet though! Bacon did not swim neither! He still learns about the water-business! 
We stayed quite some time! Like that, of course! 😉 ❤

When we came home, I got my anti-tick-thing in my neck! And then mum got something out of a package! I was moving my tail already! This comes from the human pup and her shop, I can smell that! What? It is nothing to eat? What? It’s for my toe-nails? gggrrrr. Okay, i’ll sit nicely! Mum explains on this nail-clipper, there is a security-thing, she cannot hurt me! Okay, go on: I’m too tired to protest this nail-cutting! 🙂 😉 Happy mum! 




For Wally and Murphy!… So it goes…

Mum says I have some explanantions to do… About my new “clothes”. All the way down in South Africa, Wally and Murphy are very curious how I put my new “clothes” on! 😉 🙂

This lady asked her mum to make some pictures. She says it is not easy to dress the lady and making pictures at the same time, but we managed all right. So Wally and Murphy: it goes like this:

1. mum keeps the harness before you nose
2. you put your head in the thing 
3. mum takes an end under your belly and gets it up
4. mum does ‘click’ at one side
5. mum does ‘click’ at the other side

Ready you are! I like my red “clothes”. If you do not like red, choose another colour! 😉 It is comfy to go out and stay on the leash, really!

New habit, new clothes… and new birds!!

Breaking news! Lots of new things, these days!

First of all, I have a new habit! I can make my ears rest too! I just do as my mum does! She puts her hand and arm on this thing in the car. I tried to rest my paw on it but it was not comfy at all! But my ear on it, that’s great! Ear rests and I can hear good! 😉

I got new “clothes”. Since my water-business is very successful, mum says I’m destroying my harness! It often is wet and it does not dry quickly. So she got me a new one for the dry occasions. We’ll never put it on during waterbusiness-hours! 😉

And then!!! We went out with my new “clothes” on and there we saw impossible big birds, making a strange noise! New birds in the area of our home! Had to bark a few times to alert everybody! Mum was not pleased… so I stopped the warning-action! 😦

All my “on the road”-businesses… travelling is fun!

This lady is a real business-lady even when I’m travelling! I give you some impression… Here’s the list of all my businesses during last journey! 😉

1. hunting-business (see yesteray’s story!)
2. running-business
3. inspecting-business
4. hotel-business 
5. visiting-business
6. want-to-see-everything-business
7. napping-business
8. wood-business
9. stubborn-business


On the road again… to farm-life!

We are back home and I’m tired, but I have lots to tell! Yes, we were on the road again. We went to see the mum and dad of my French friend Mano. But Mano is at the Rainbow Bridge now, galloping around with my grandpa. Life at the farm is a bit different but not dull at all! 😉

I was practicing my hunting-business! Oh yes! My dogness, there was work to do! In the meadows there is a kind of plague of voles at the moment at Mano’s place. I thought I could offer some help! That’s me: I try to be kind if I like what’s on the program, you know! 🙂 Mum was not as pleased as I was! 😉 Pics will show you why… Made a bit a mess of this lady… 😦

I like the farm but I don’t like the cows! They are to big for this city-lady. So I bark at them!!! They even do not batting an eyelid… they are not afraid of me!!! 

I’m going to have a nap! Rest of the stories are for tomorrow! So: to be continued!







Lady Kita goes in the … surprises-business!

On mondays mum is a library-mum till late in the evening. So I decided to go and get her. Of course I asked dad to come too, that’s easy to understand. He is the one with the supscription for the metro. If I take him with me, I can ride for free, you see! 😉

I had to wait patiently in the playground before the school, I can’t go in the building, you know! But one of mum’s library-students came to talk to me: she recognised me from mum’s calendar in the library! Isn’t that special?!! 🙂

Finally mum came out of the building! Speaking of a surprise! Think I start a new business: a surprises-business! Then mum had to show me her mailbox of course (books and dvd’s and newspapers and… arrive there, you see!). Off we went back home! Taking the tramway, tram goes under the ground, in the metro, later on!
Do your police-officers put advertisements for themselves everywhere too or is that only in Antwerp????

On our way home we met mister Plantin and his fish and other animals… Pity, my shark was not there!

I give more explanations with the pics, if that interests you, you have to click on them! 🙂

A proud van ’t Asbroek… with a bad hairday and soap between her toes…

Me and mum were up early today! Oh yes, we went outside for a run. That means: I run, she walks. But I would prefer her to tell me next time that there is a lot of wind. Not just a lot of wind, a big lot of wind!

We went to the beach. Part where the sea never comes, well, the sand was moving in big speed. We hurried away from there! That means: I hurried and did it quick, poor mum was slower… 😉

And the sea? Sea was a bit bizar, the sea threw soap foam on the beach! I got this soapfoam everywhere: in my fur, but also between my toes! Felt strange in the beginning but later I got used to it. 🙂
But my “coiffure”! 😦  This time mum laughed at me and my bad-hair-day! That’s human language, I call it a bad-fur-day! 😉

Mum was taking a lot of pictures of the beautiful sky and rather rough sea and of course of me, the proud lady with the ugly “coiffure”. 😉

PS Chef Maurice: you know what I mean, don’t you? I saw a pic of you with the same “coiffure”! And by the way: your mum is the only one with a complete correct answer! Congrats! 😉 Hexes mum was near too! 🙂


Inspection business:… balcony and plants are okay!

Yesterday mum was watering the plants on the balcony. Normally I don’t mind, but this time I thought it was time to do some inspectionworks! 😉

So I did. Made my work of it, surely when I heard downstairs neighbour-lady was outside. But she had no time to chat today! 😦 That was because mum forbid me to bark to get her attention! 😦 
But I looked around and saw that the black new schoolbuilding is almost finished now. That’s a school for future sea-men! They surely will learn about the tides, won’t they, mum? Will they go in the river Scheldt as I do, mum?

Hahaha, Kita! No, don’t think so. They will be on big ships!

Why is she laughing at me? 😦  Anyhow, plants do great on our balcony! They have flowers! ❤ And bamboo is growing well, I measured it! 😉