Inspection business:… balcony and plants are okay!

Yesterday mum was watering the plants on the balcony. Normally I don’t mind, but this time I thought it was time to do some inspectionworks! 😉

So I did. Made my work of it, surely when I heard downstairs neighbour-lady was outside. But she had no time to chat today! 😦 That was because mum forbid me to bark to get her attention! 😦 
But I looked around and saw that the black new schoolbuilding is almost finished now. That’s a school for future sea-men! They surely will learn about the tides, won’t they, mum? Will they go in the river Scheldt as I do, mum?

Hahaha, Kita! No, don’t think so. They will be on big ships!

Why is she laughing at me? 😦  Anyhow, plants do great on our balcony! They have flowers! ❤ And bamboo is growing well, I measured it! 😉





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