A proud van ’t Asbroek… with a bad hairday and soap between her toes…

Me and mum were up early today! Oh yes, we went outside for a run. That means: I run, she walks. But I would prefer her to tell me next time that there is a lot of wind. Not just a lot of wind, a big lot of wind!

We went to the beach. Part where the sea never comes, well, the sand was moving in big speed. We hurried away from there! That means: I hurried and did it quick, poor mum was slower… 😉

And the sea? Sea was a bit bizar, the sea threw soap foam on the beach! I got this soapfoam everywhere: in my fur, but also between my toes! Felt strange in the beginning but later I got used to it. 🙂
But my “coiffure”! 😦  This time mum laughed at me and my bad-hair-day! That’s human language, I call it a bad-fur-day! 😉

Mum was taking a lot of pictures of the beautiful sky and rather rough sea and of course of me, the proud lady with the ugly “coiffure”. 😉

PS Chef Maurice: you know what I mean, don’t you? I saw a pic of you with the same “coiffure”! And by the way: your mum is the only one with a complete correct answer! Congrats! 😉 Hexes mum was near too! 🙂


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