It’s a strange, strange world we live in… Covid-19!

Mum, listen, I am old enough to understand: just explain me what is going on!

Why don’t you say anything! Listen, this is all ridiculous! When we go out for a walk and your friend (my best ladyfriend in the building) comes with us, you walk almost 2 meter from each other. In stead of talking about your crochet work you are almost yelling about it. And then you are yelling a lot of time about this Carano-thing!

Corona-virus, Kita, Corona-virus!

Who is that, mum? Not who but what? Well what is it? A virus? Making people very ill? Making people die? My dogness! And that is why you walk that far apart? Not to be ill? Good! 🙂

Ooooh, and that is why the human pup did not come in to get the doggiefood?
OOOOOH, and that is why we cannot go to the groomer’s? And shops are closed and… 😦

I get it now, mum, why you were clipping our nails yourself and you were busy to “coiffer” the Française! Ppppffff…

Will this take long, this Carano-kwaran-thing?

Corona lockdown, Kita, Corona lockdown.

You think several months? Ppppfff, the Française will not like that… her long curls when spring arrives…. 😉


Stay safe! Stay healthy!

For those who know it… 😉

Macho Lady now… and a small française!

Well, I have to admit this: grandpa Lennox thaught me wel! He did teach me that the eldest has the most rights. In this case it is about taking place in the car! 😉

Three years ago we made a fototoot about grandpa and me in the car. Ha! I almost fell of the couch, he always took all the place! 😦

In this household things have thoroughly changed! When we are in the car, well… ys, you get it! I take all the place and the française takes a little corner… Oh yes! And just like before, mum and dad don’t interfere! 🙂 I manage this on my own, just as grandpa did! Ha!
Think I really do a good job. Hope macho grandpa sees this macho lady! ❤
See for yourself! 😉

/macho grandpa and me

Big day in… the fishing-business!

Oh, my dogness! Raining again? That’s no drama, we go out anyway! Mum, look, the française and me are having the beach all for ourselves. What? Dad and you too? Okay, all the beach for the four of us. That’s why rain is no drama, it is fun! 🙂 ❤

Lizzie, Lizzie, come then, I’ll learn you something new! I will teach you the fishing-business! Oh, sissie, this one is a fresh one! We have to rescue it from drowning, this one is still alive! Yes, I have it! Owow! This is mine, sissie! I taaught you how to do it, catch one yourself! 😉

Mum, mum… look: I caught a fish! I rescued it from drowning! What, is it bleeding now? What? No rescueing, but brutal catching? Will we take it home then to take care of it? What? Can I? Yes, I come to get on the leash if I can keep my fish to show it to the whole world! 😉

A rope and… two happy girls!

Last sunday, weather was not too nice and mum was a bit ill, so we all decided to go to the small dogpark. Me and mum we leave first, the française and dad come a bit later. Something about a nice training… Surely it is about pulling on the leash when she comes near the dogpark! hahaha… 🙂 I know about that! hahahaa… 😉 I was mum’s despair at Lizzie’s age! 😉 Later on I turned into a nice not-pulling lady. Not sure that hurricane sissie will ever be!

Okay, I was going to tell you about last sunday! Me and mum arrived at the dogpark. I was a bit pissed because mum forgot our ball wit the rope. But then!!! Then I found a big rope that some mum or dad forgot! Yeeeey! ❤

There she is, the française! I know I have to wait near mum when she arrives. I learn quickly, you know! 😉


You’ll see the rest in the very long movie! 5 minutes! You will be tired, just watching, mum says! 😉





Fun, fun, fun!… and ‘clutter’!!!

You know my mum is a library mum. And sometimes she has to be “updated”. Then she goes to the city of Brussels, or Gent or here in Antwerp. Often she gets a lot of information in a bag. Long ago the papers were in a blue bag, with the name of a brand on it. Mum did not like the bag… 😉

Mum is doing some spring-ing and

Spring cleaning, Kita, spring cleaning! 🙂

Okay, mum is doing some spring-ing and she wanted to get rid off the bag. I told Lizzie that was good news. As always, she did not want to believe it. I told her to watch me! 😉

I went to mum and started sniffing at the pile “get rid off”. Mum said: oh Kita that’s a good idea, get some playing with that. It will have served at least for something! And… she gave me the bag. I run to the française with it and asked her: what did I say?

GO!!! 🙂 ❤ 🙂

Lot to learn… little française!

Nothing is perfect in this life… mum often says! Well, for once she is right. hihihi. 🙂

I’ll give you an exemple: that sissie of me is not perfect! She misses some genes: the climbing genes! That’s for sure!
She jumps up all right and she can stand all right, she is an airedale, you know! But she can not climb! 😦

And that is difficult to learn if it is not in your genes! She is not a Van ’t Asbroek-dale, and that shows! 😉

In one of the big dogparks, there is a kind of climbing tree to exercise! Well look at the pics to see what the française did in stead of climbing up as I did. I showed her all right!
Lot to learn, sissie… and without those genes, that will be difficult! At your age I was already high up in trees, you know, scaring mum to death from above her head! 😉


Bizarre… treasure…

Mum was looking in her black box. It is not red or blinking but it is black. This thing can speak but it also makes pics. She found some pics and a little video of some time ago. In the video I was barking and the française woke up out of her nap and was confused! hahahaha! 😉 🙂
I want to show you the pics and the little video too… Hope my other friends are not confused about me barking! 😉

Anyway, some weeks ago we had a very big afternoon walk and we passed by this tiny little dog park. Of course we were going in! ❤

I found a treasure there!  weard one! No begin and no end! Sissie Lizzie was not too interested. Inspection business is not like her, she is more in the running business. 😉
Anyway, I had a nice play! 🙂


Mud boots… no passaran!

– “Dis-moi, Miss Know-It-All, can you explain to me what this funny procedure is all p1400996-85x100about? Mostly we come into the house and we go off leash immediately, and then there are times we have to go through this ceremony of ‘paw plunging’. Je n’y comprends rien!
– “That’s when we have mud boots, silly. Mum doesn’t want that, so we get our paws cleaned.” 🙂

– “Ca alors! Where I come from, you just go inside, tu sais. You Antwerp guys must really be des chiens de ville, ‘city dogs’ so to say.”
– “Funny that you mention that, Lizzie! Monsieur Bernard, a farmer – and the Dad of my french friend Manau, who went to the Rainbow Bridge to join his old pal Grandpa Lennox – used to say that jokingly of Grandpa and me.” 🙂

– “Eh bien, if that’s what Mum wants, I guess we’ll have to do it on her terms, n’est-ce pas?”
– “You are very right, Lizzie! We’d better, that’s for sure… Sooner or later everybody in this house learns that it is by far the smartest way to do things: on Mum’s conditions… After all, it’s not that horrific, this ‘paw plunging business’ of hers, is it?” [aire laughter]

Sissie Lizzie


Guiding business… part 2!

Last day the weather is colder… Nice weather to fool around. And so we did at the huge dogpark, several times! This time Mum and dad said we could go to the big waterppool. It rained enough lately to clear up the water… 🙂

The new little one had to be shown around! Of course! Guiding business at his best! 🙂

Just have a look for yourself! Video is short though! Mum was tooting in stead of filming, she’ll never learn! 😦






I’m also in the … boss-business!

Since I’m not the baby in the house anymore, I am in the boss-business too! I command the française to guard the house and to look out for dangers while I can have a nap at my mum’s feet! She can’t, you know! That’s my place!! 😉

Asked mum to toot so that I can show you that the new little one is not too bad at the job! 🙂 She stands there for very long times, and I mean: very long times! So I had a nice long nap! 🙂