Bizarre… treasure…

Mum was looking in her black box. It is not red or blinking but it is black. This thing can speak but it also makes pics. She found some pics and a little video of some time ago. In the video I was barking and the française woke up out of her nap and was confused! hahahaha! 😉 🙂
I want to show you the pics and the little video too… Hope my other friends are not confused about me barking! 😉

Anyway, some weeks ago we had a very big afternoon walk and we passed by this tiny little dog park. Of course we were going in! ❤

I found a treasure there!  weard one! No begin and no end! Sissie Lizzie was not too interested. Inspection business is not like her, she is more in the running business. 😉
Anyway, I had a nice play! 🙂


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