An American letter… addressed to the Frenchie!

– “C’est pour moi! C’est pour moi! It says ‘Dear Lizzie’ at the top! It’s for me!”
– “OK, OK! Stop bouncing around like a ball in a pinball machine, you silly.”
– “But, Dad, you don’t understand! I desperately want to know what’s in it…”
– “You don’t say!”
– “It’s from Cousin Islay, who will be moving this summer to Shenandoah National Park. That sounds like a gigantic dogpark to me, tu ne penses pas, Kita?”
– “We have met once, me and Islay, in Cologne (Germany), together with our German friends Ina and Hexe. I did tell you that, remember, petite française?”
– “I know who Cousin Islay is, you smartass Miss Know-It-All! We were plotting to go over there to go play with her in her new dogpark, n’est-ce pas?
– “Right!” [aire high five] ❤

– “Je suis trop nerveuse! Would you please read it to me, Dad? I’m much too exited!”
– “On the front it says ‘Every day is chewsday’, which is funny, actually, surely if you are a dog, do you get it? Furthermore, there are 10 life lessons Islay says she learnt from Kita.”
– “From Kita? Je ne suis pas surprise! Miss Know-It-All will probably have told young Islay ‘everything’. She bosses me around as well, because ‘she knows’, vous savez…”
– “Well, although I’m not a dog, I must admit these advices are fairly spot-on, Little One. And even more importantly, she states that you ‘landed in the perfect family’! Amen to that!” 🙂
– “Ah, ça! Je ne me plains pas! I do realize I may be une petite emmerdeuse des fois – a bit of a pain in the ass, comme on dit – but we always will be the best of friends, won’t we, Dad?” ❤

– “Mum, Lizzie and Dad are hugging and cuddling once again… Can we…?” 🙂

Un tout grand merci, Cousin Islay in the States! I sincerely hope we’ll be fooling around together some day. Kita keeps telling me what a lovely Bearded Lady you are. Paws Up!”

Sissie Lizzie,p1400996-85x100
aka The Frenchie






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