Right or… wrong?

Some time ago, in winter, mum got this present from a very lovely mum at the other side of the world. The present? A T-shirt! A T-shirt with on it the results of airedale training. Hahaha, mum, look, this is not true, you know that! This lady does better than that!

When we go for walks, other mums and dads ask if it is really true that I am that stubborn. Mum always friendly smiles and says nothing. I often do: Waf!

So, two weeks ago or so, my best human ladyfriend of the building came for our pre-dinner walk. We did a fototoot! 😉

I was quite good! Mum said: sit! I did! Mum said: smile! I did. But it was not good! She said sit and look to the camera… Well… the 2 mums were laughing and saying: T-shirt is right! (See pictures!) 🙂 🙂

I was a bit mad! I focused on mum, i sat down and i smiled… Stupid humans!

Mum, listen, we only put this story on my story page if you show also the movie of this morning… that proofs the T-shirt is wrong for this lady. Okay?!!! Yeeeey!

Little remark for my friends… mum is a camera dummie… she sees me but that does not mean the camera does too… explain that to her! What do you say mum? You are too busy to follow me to see if I am mischieving or not? Really, mum!!!!!!!!!!!

Learn me this… please, mum?

When I was young, my mum did a lot of reading, and she learned that to me too! 🙂 If you do not believe me, go and have a look here: Reading Kita

There is this other business of mum, I already told you about! She is crocheting! Look here: Crochet 1 and here: crochet 2

Very, very often, I am looking when she crochets. I already asked her if I could learn that too! A few days ago, mum said: okay, we will try…

Can tell you one thing: it looks easier when mum does it… 😉 😉 😉

Results??? Scroll down in the pictures to see my result! 🙂 ❤