Guiding business… part 2!

Last day the weather is colder… Nice weather to fool around. And so we did at the huge dogpark, several times! This time Mum and dad said we could go to the big waterppool. It rained enough lately to clear up the water… 🙂

The new little one had to be shown around! Of course! Guiding business at his best! 🙂

Just have a look for yourself! Video is short though! Mum was tooting in stead of filming, she’ll never learn! 😦






I’m also in the … boss-business!

Since I’m not the baby in the house anymore, I am in the boss-business too! I command the française to guard the house and to look out for dangers while I can have a nap at my mum’s feet! She can’t, you know! That’s my place!! 😉

Asked mum to toot so that I can show you that the new little one is not too bad at the job! 🙂 She stands there for very long times, and I mean: very long times! So I had a nice long nap! 🙂




New business!… The guiding business!

Since we can go more to the huge dogpark because the française is able too, well, I was thinking she needed some guiding to know about everything. 🙂

So now I’m in the guiding business too! First I thaught her to say hello to new frinds! Then i explained about the big grassfield.
After that I told her to follow me to the more interesting part: the little hill, the bush and… the water! I was quite far  in it (not wetting my belly of course), not this sissie though! 🙂
I told her to return before mum and dad would arrive… but too late: red thing made the proof we were in the little river… 😉

In the end, we met my friend Rhea and her mum. When it was treat-time (always with Rhea’s mum) Lizzie was gone. Said nothing of course, I got two treats! 🙂
Next time, she will listen to me in stead to obey calling dad, you will see! 😉



WWW with a… “première”!

Well, we had a WWW with a première! For those who don’t know what WWW is: What a Wonderful Wednesday. So you are updated! 🙂

As I said, a WWW with a “première”. Untill now I only went to fenced dogparks with the française, mum explained that is safer. But after the run at the beach and that sissie behaving quite good, well, mum and dad said we could try the huge dogpark (unfenced! 🙂

So, “première for the française”! To start with, she run in all directions when we arrived, not knowing what to see and inspect first. Then she ran to that other doggie, very far away. Just as I was thinking: this goes wrong and I wanted to go and have a look, dad used his whistle-language and there she came! Wow! 🙂

She did that every time. I was thinking that this française is a bit too obedient and not stubborn enough, so I said she should follow me. Off we went into the bush, out of sight. Told her not to hear mum’s whistle language for once! hahahaha, she came with me to the little river… where no human can come! hahahaha… 😉
The whistle stopped! … In the end, after quit some time we turned back of course. No fun: mum and dad even weren’t worried… well, well… go figure that! 😉 Mum was even surprised we did not have black boots on! 😉

Parcels and… blooperfototoot! :-)

Hahahaha! This was fun, really fun! This time, Lizzie and me agreed! Fun, fun, fun! At least, that is what we think of it… don’t know if mum agrees… 🙂

So, yesterday there was this package in the mailbox. I mean: there was a note in the mailbox that mum should go to the post office to get a package. 
Of course we held a good eye on the opening of the parcel! But it was not for us, it was for mum. Explained to Lizzie that mum’s name was on the parcel and not mine or hers! 😉

Oh mum, look! There are airedales on this sweater, did you know that before? She did, of course! It comes from a very nice lady at the other side of the world! It has something to do with rescueing airedales! Lizzie, you hear that? It is about you! About rescued dales! ❤

Tonight mum wanted a nice picture, a nice fototoot of us and the new sweater with her in it. Ha, Lizzie and I decided differently: we wanted a biteyface-toot with the sweater. So we were moving all the time…
Well, now mum says she will show the naughty dales and the bloopertoot to all our friends… 😦 She says we will think twice next time! 😉


Sissie Lizzie, we go to… a meeting!

Sissie, listen to me now! Choose yourself a nice outfit, we are going out!
Mum, I want the Australian cat-in-the-hat-bandana! Then I’m dressed at my best! 🙂
Sissie, no, not one of my bandanas for you, you’ll tear them apart. Choose yourself a great collar! – No harm can be done that way! 😉
Great choise, française, you have a nose for charming clothing! The British red terrier collar.

Stop it, stop calling me always the Lady-knows-it-all. I just do know it all – accept it! Get out of the car and follow us! 😉
You see it, I told you: you would not believe your eyes! So many, many, many airedales and mums and dads! ❤ I tell you: more than last year! Although it is very, very cold today!
Yes, you ‘miss questions’, we can off leash in a moment, on the beach! Be happy you have a big sister to watch you! I could not off the leash on the beach at your age! 😉
And there is Louis, a Belgian friend between all these Dutch dales! 🙂

Mum, you put all the pictures with the story, will you? No, there not too many! There are never too many pics with dales! 🙂 And the friends can search for me and sissie, we are  dressed to be recognised! 😉 😉 Yes, mum, and the pics in the restaurant too, where we were well behaving during the raffle! 😉

Okay, sissie, I admit, you are not bad at all: you almost behaved as a lady. You are a quick learner! In less then a month!! I knew it: I am a good teacher! New business started! 😉

PS The nice airedale-loving-lady with the cats made great pics of us too! Mum will add them in the end, all together, and put her name with them! 🙂



Pictures made by Maya Van Breemen:


Dale-trio… in action!

Since a week mum and dad realised it too: the “heat” is gone… Yes, it’s almost winter. I said it for weeks. But they did not listen.
Anyway, it means that without “heat” we can go to big dogparks, parks with fences… for the française… hahaha. Not old enough yet to go to my huge park (which is not fenced).

You remember I have this friend Louis? Well today we had a playdate with him in a big park somewhere in Antwerp. Same one as where I met him last time!

We had fun! To start there was a kind of treat-bar! 🙂 A mister with treats for all the doggies! His one is very, very big!!! 🙂

Then we played and ran and met lots of friends. Just one very big black one was not too friendly! He attacked me! Growling and trying to bite me. I know what to do! I immediatly went on my back and growled too. People (my mum too!) were yelling and his dad came to get the black one. He went on the leash! 🙂
And me? I got up and calmly walked to my mum to comfort her. Nothing wrong, mum! Come one, let’s go and play! 😉

And we did! We were running more than an hour… Can tell you that we were tired in the end! Till saturday, they said! Oh yes, this Lizzie sissie will not believe her eyes on saturday, my dogness! 🙂 And she’ll even have less to tell afterwards, that tired she will be! 😉


Lessons to be thaught… and learned!

The learning seems the most difficult part for this one, for our française! 😉 🙂

Well, I explain it to you! You know this lady is a mum’s girl! But sometimes I’m a dad’s girl too. And I exactly know when I want to be dad’s girl. 😉
You see, there is one couch in the house that more or less is dad’s couch. If I am a good girl, I can lie there… Dad allowes us, you know!
daddy’s girl…

But now there is the française: she is the daddy’s girl in the house these days… Of course you get the picture! She was with dad on the couch! And I could not…
But we cleared that out, oh yes, we did! When dad was not there, I got in… She came too… Took as much place as I could, of course! We had a nice nap! 🙂

But then dad came and made this noice with his fingers. I know what dad’s language means: the couch is no longer for doggies! Lizzie was very puzzled! Why do you go out this nice bed?
That did not take long… hahahaha! Mum and dad wanted to see the news on TV! Even françaises get off then! 🙂

Listen carefully French new little one! There are some rules here about this couch!
1. You never go in with wet or dirty paws, then there is a chair in it! 😉 That must be even clear enough for françaises. 😉
2. You can go on it when there is no one!
3. You get immediatly off when you hear dad’s finger-noice-click with the pointing: out! Yes, even françaises have too.;-)
4.When we are on the couch I get the biggest and the best place!

Is that very clear, sissie Lizzie?
Lessons are to be thaught clearly… Question is: will this française learn it???

There are examples… and examples…

Okay, finally they got my message! Me and mum and dad, we took sissie Lizzie to the beach! My dogness, the française really is a wild one! That’s what grandpa said about me! Hahahaha. So now I say it about sissie! 😉

Tried to learn her the running business. No problem… We were teaching her the whistle language. I run away, of course the new little one followed me: she likes to bite in my hind legs… 😦 …dad or mum whistle and we run to them. Business okay! Treats for sure.
Time to learn her some naughty tricks! 😉

Look, sissie, over there are the man trying to catch shrimps! Come on! It’s far, I know but we go there! Go! No no, not this time: don’t go back to the whistle language! What? You return? I go on! Lots to learn this new little one! This old little one knows when to do as she pleases. 😉

Oh, that sounds not good at all… The française gets the treats and I don’t? Because I did not come? WHAT? ME, the Iady should take an example of HER??? Go figure this! Ggggrrrrr.

That situation -she being the example – took only five minutes! I’ll tell you. I had to poo and what did the française do? She ate a part of it… Booooooo bah! Mum and dad didn’t like that, not to say they were a bit furious! You hear this, little française? You heard it very well? What they said just now? You should take an example of ME, the lady! ❤ I don’t do such disgusting things (anymore). 🙂