Yes! …I can fly!…

Yes! I can fly! Nobody ever believes me, but it is the truth, I can fly! I asked mum so many times to get the blinking thing out and take pics of me flying! But mum says that is very difficult. She has to be quick and the blinking box is not soficatty enough…

Sophisticated, Kita, sophisticated!

So the blinking box is not soficat enough. Mum says, she’ll buy another one when she stops, one day, being a library mum and she’ll take lessons to become soficatty. We’ll see… 😉

Anyway, she did it two times! 🙂 Yes, once when I only was one year old, running with my big friend Ernie (pic is here too!) and also yesterday! I was playing with another big friend: Rataplan. I did the running, he did the walking and looking. He is not in the running business, he says, he is in the walking business. He is good at that, I have to admit!

So, mum, she was quick yesterday and the blinking thing was in a good mood and caught me flying! See for yourself! And for all critics: there is no photoshop involved, mum does not have such expensive soficatty soft-things on her tv-typing-machine! 😉 And if she had, she would need more soficat-lessons first! hahaha! 🙂 (Words of her human pup)

Well, end of the story: you can see I’m in the flying business too! 😉

4… 4… 4… 4… !… Yes, I’m 4 years old!

You never believe this! Yesterday it was my birthday and mum came home earlier for that! I prefer to forget she came home because since three days it was only 10°C in her library. Heating failure! 😦 But because of my birthday she postponed her work a little and we first went to the huge dogpark! Fun, fun, fun! Waterbusiness in full action again!

And then! When we came home, after paw plunger and washcloth-procedure, I got a very, very, very, very long bully stick, as long as I am! Fun, fun, fun!

Guess what? I even did not know the funniest present was yet to come! Mum and dad got me a new pig, a pig that makes a pig-noise! Yes, mum, I know  the squeek is in the snout, and I’m getting it out off it! What does she say? No chewing? Squeek has to stay in the snout? Why?  I should play otherwise? I’m not too sure about that, mum! Bring my piggie to my little house, it will be safe there! 🙂 Fun, fun, fun!

Well, after a quarter of an hour, mum said: enough exercise for today! I can’t destroy it? I have to learn to play with it properly, as a lady should? Tomorrow again? Okay, we’ll see who wins! 😉






Maurice, Dusty and all Aussie-friends… Happy Australia Day!!

Mum is explaining a very difficult thing. She says here it is in the middle of the afternoon and in Australia a new day is beginning, there it is in the middle of the night, now! Here it is still the 25th of january, there it is already the 26th of january!!

Oooooh, I really have to leave because I will be too late to say good morning to them. 

Yes mum, I’ll hurry. Yes, I’ll give your hugs to Maurice and Dusty! Yes I’ll be a real lady, yesyesyes… Don’t worry! Ciao!


Enjoy your day, you all down under!!! 🙂 ❤

Today?… Snow-business!

Today we were up early for a saturday! We went for our walk at 8.30! Why? It snowed! Not much but I like the white stuff. So we went out… not all the way to the huge dogpark, no… we went to the little one nearby!
Snow was on the trees too! Everything was under the white stuff. And the light was special, it was almost blue, my mum said. She sees colours you know, I don’t… I only see shades of colours from white to black and all in between.

In the little dogpark were no friends. Then we play with my toy! But today I had no time to exercise mum’s throwing the toy, I did not bring it back to her. She said: stubborn girl! Don’t offend me! I’m not obstinate, I just don’t have the time now. That’s what mum often says… 😉
I have to play in this snow: no time for throwing skills and fetching skills!

Mum finally understood and took the blinking thing! But my dogness, she filmed that I lost my toy and could not find it. Told you: I see no orange or violet… But I found it allright! Nose helped! 😉

Mum, it is fun, the snow-business! ❤ You even can see where we were walking! You have big paws in the snow! 😉


MIM-day!!… = Misty Icy Morning!

This morniing we went rather early to the huge dogpark. It was cold, very cold. Mum called it ‘freezing’ cold.

I’m not a softie like my mum, cold, yes, but that’s okay for me. Things were a bit bizar though! Grass was a bit white but most strange of all: grass was hard! And grass made noices when we walked on it. Looked a few times at my mum, but she didn’t mind the talking grass. Does she not hear it?

Okay, there we are! I run into the huge dogpark! Want to control my water-business of course! My dogness! Something’s rotten in the state of the water-business! Water is hiding! Mum, mum, look, I can’t touch the water anymore! Water is hyding! Nothing helps!
Not only the grass is talking, water under this glass is talking when I run on it!

Ice, Kita, that’s ice!

Mum, why can I not touch the water under the glass? What does she say? The glass is the water? Mum, are you allright? Did the cold hurt you? You put water in a glass, grandpa said, so the water can’t be the glass!

Not glass, Kita, ice! The water is ice now!

How did she arrange this? Mum said no water-business in winter! And now? Water is hiding under the glass… No water-business today. 😦
How does it come mums have always the last word in the end? 😦

Lady Kita goes in… neuro- and brainsciences!

It’s prooven scientificly! Yes, it is! I am not impolite! Ladies are not impolite at all! I will explain you this!

When humans want to shake paws with me, of course I stretch my paw to please them, as a polite lady should! But then some humans say I am impolite because I lift my left paw! They say that I have to shake paws with my right paw! 😦

My mum never did mind about that! She says: some doggies are left-pawed, others are right-pawed. 😉
But then she came across her old papers… She was a teaching mum too and she gave lessons about communication. In human communication, people are often mirroring each other. She said: that’s what our airegirl does! She is mirroring! 🙂

And even more interesting is what my dad found! But that is very difficult to explain. To say it short: he read about a scientist experiencing with animals and saying that animals do mirror too, they too have those ‘mirror neurons’.
I don’t know what that exactly means but I’m sure that is the scientific proof that I am certainly not impolite!

Me and my mum made a little video today to show there might be some truth in all that science. 😉 😉 Of course, I was only interested in the treats but I was shaking paws with mum a lot of times! In the end I got bored though! 😉



Me and my mum, we are… ‘assorties’!

Some days ago mum went to a shop where pets are not allowed! I can understand: not every doggie is in the shoe business as I am. Some don’t understand what shoes are safe to chew on and which are not… you see! So mum went alone, I stayed with dad.

I did send her there though! When we are out she always complains about cold feet. She is a softie, my mum, I’m in the water business and I never complain about cold feet! 😉 But since water business is doing well, she has to come with me, even a baby doggie understands that. Result: complaints about cold feet. So I was bored about all those complaints and I did send her to the shop!

That was one of a good idea! This morning, there was even a tiny bit of snow and it was cold!!! But mum did not complain! Hehe! Why? She has now Canadian feet! That’s what the paper says!

Anyway, we are “assorties”, that’s what my French friend Mano will say! We are in black and tan, both! Both wearing some red! And both with fur! 😉 Yes, yes, we are quite a duo! ❤


You aren’t allowed to chew on shoes???… I am!!!!

Well, my dear friends, all over the world… You may be allowed to sleep on the couch or in the bed of your mum… I am not! 😦

But I don’t mind at all, I have my own beds!  🙂 And I can make you very jealous! I’m sure  you are not allowed to chew on shoes! Although you do sometimes, mum showed me the pics alright! 😉 🙂

I am allowed to chew on shoes! 🙂 ❤ What do you think about that? I am even encouraged to chew on shoes! We found them in the petshop of my mum’s human pup! I adore them! And they are healthy for doggies (buffalo skin! Ike, Sam and Zip!!)  and teeth-caring! 🙂

So, I play with shoes and I chew on shoes very often! Just be jealous, all of you!!! 😉

Yes!!! … Today is WWW-day! :-)

Despite the ideas of my mum, my water-businees is the best winter-business this year! Oh yes! Today it was the WWW-day! ❤
We went to the huge dogpark, of course! My waterbusiness must taken care off! 🙂

We met a lot of doggies but we also met grandma Azeris! Her blue leg and shoulder are gone. Stitches are out and the hair grows back. Grandma Azeris is very lively these days! Her dad is very glad about that! She does much better than before the surgery. She could not go to the hairdresser’s, vet said to wait a while! She is so friendly, grandma Azeris. She even went to my mum for a cuddle! (Who wouldn’t? 😉 )

In the end I started a sand-mudbusiness… They will work in the huge dogpark… 😦 So they already plowed where the paths will be made. Fine sand-mud! hahahaha.

End at home? Paw Plunger time!
Hexe, especially for you and your mum this time. By the way, Islay, take a good look my dear, maybe this will happen to you too one day! 😉

PS And yes we know… too many pictures… we did choose out of 108! 🙂

They do it again??!!… That’s what traditions are about?!

What is this all about? Lot of christmas trees on the big place near our house! Not ours, that one is still in our living room! 🙂 Mum, what is this? Did I already see it, you say? At the seaside a year ago? Ha, she shows me!

Yes indeed! Mum, is it because I am here in Antwerp now that they do it here? That’s very kind, isn’t it? You see I’m famous!

No, you silly, it is in almost every village and city! 😉

Okay, I have to inspect everything before the party can start, of course. 🙂 There was a stormy wind at noon, which blowed the trashbin to the ground! Interesting!

In the evening we first looked at the firework and the big fire from the window, but afterwards, we went outside and went very near to have a look! Blinking thing accompanied us but it was difficult to have nice pics in the dark.
So that’s what it is all about, traditions? It comes again and again and again… the christmas fire? 🙂

Yes, Kita, for ages and ages… for centuries…