Today?… Snow-business!

Today we were up early for a saturday! We went for our walk at 8.30! Why? It snowed! Not much but I like the white stuff. So we went out… not all the way to the huge dogpark, no… we went to the little one nearby!
Snow was on the trees too! Everything was under the white stuff. And the light was special, it was almost blue, my mum said. She sees colours you know, I don’t… I only see shades of colours from white to black and all in between.

In the little dogpark were no friends. Then we play with my toy! But today I had no time to exercise mum’s throwing the toy, I did not bring it back to her. She said: stubborn girl! Don’t offend me! I’m not obstinate, I just don’t have the time now. That’s what mum often says… 😉
I have to play in this snow: no time for throwing skills and fetching skills!

Mum finally understood and took the blinking thing! But my dogness, she filmed that I lost my toy and could not find it. Told you: I see no orange or violet… But I found it allright! Nose helped! 😉

Mum, it is fun, the snow-business! ❤ You even can see where we were walking! You have big paws in the snow! 😉


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