MIM-day!!… = Misty Icy Morning!

This morniing we went rather early to the huge dogpark. It was cold, very cold. Mum called it ‘freezing’ cold.

I’m not a softie like my mum, cold, yes, but that’s okay for me. Things were a bit bizar though! Grass was a bit white but most strange of all: grass was hard! And grass made noices when we walked on it. Looked a few times at my mum, but she didn’t mind the talking grass. Does she not hear it?

Okay, there we are! I run into the huge dogpark! Want to control my water-business of course! My dogness! Something’s rotten in the state of the water-business! Water is hiding! Mum, mum, look, I can’t touch the water anymore! Water is hyding! Nothing helps!
Not only the grass is talking, water under this glass is talking when I run on it!

Ice, Kita, that’s ice!

Mum, why can I not touch the water under the glass? What does she say? The glass is the water? Mum, are you allright? Did the cold hurt you? You put water in a glass, grandpa said, so the water can’t be the glass!

Not glass, Kita, ice! The water is ice now!

How did she arrange this? Mum said no water-business in winter! And now? Water is hiding under the glass… No water-business today. 😦
How does it come mums have always the last word in the end? 😦

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