Lady Kita goes in… neuro- and brainsciences!

It’s prooven scientificly! Yes, it is! I am not impolite! Ladies are not impolite at all! I will explain you this!

When humans want to shake paws with me, of course I stretch my paw to please them, as a polite lady should! But then some humans say I am impolite because I lift my left paw! They say that I have to shake paws with my right paw! 😦

My mum never did mind about that! She says: some doggies are left-pawed, others are right-pawed. 😉
But then she came across her old papers… She was a teaching mum too and she gave lessons about communication. In human communication, people are often mirroring each other. She said: that’s what our airegirl does! She is mirroring! 🙂

And even more interesting is what my dad found! But that is very difficult to explain. To say it short: he read about a scientist experiencing with animals and saying that animals do mirror too, they too have those ‘mirror neurons’.
I don’t know what that exactly means but I’m sure that is the scientific proof that I am certainly not impolite!

Me and my mum made a little video today to show there might be some truth in all that science. 😉 😉 Of course, I was only interested in the treats but I was shaking paws with mum a lot of times! In the end I got bored though! 😉



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