Me and my mum, we are… ‘assorties’!

Some days ago mum went to a shop where pets are not allowed! I can understand: not every doggie is in the shoe business as I am. Some don’t understand what shoes are safe to chew on and which are not… you see! So mum went alone, I stayed with dad.

I did send her there though! When we are out she always complains about cold feet. She is a softie, my mum, I’m in the water business and I never complain about cold feet! 😉 But since water business is doing well, she has to come with me, even a baby doggie understands that. Result: complaints about cold feet. So I was bored about all those complaints and I did send her to the shop!

That was one of a good idea! This morning, there was even a tiny bit of snow and it was cold!!! But mum did not complain! Hehe! Why? She has now Canadian feet! That’s what the paper says!

Anyway, we are “assorties”, that’s what my French friend Mano will say! We are in black and tan, both! Both wearing some red! And both with fur! 😉 Yes, yes, we are quite a duo! ❤


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