You aren’t allowed to chew on shoes???… I am!!!!

Well, my dear friends, all over the world… You may be allowed to sleep on the couch or in the bed of your mum… I am not! 😦

But I don’t mind at all, I have my own beds!  🙂 And I can make you very jealous! I’m sure  you are not allowed to chew on shoes! Although you do sometimes, mum showed me the pics alright! 😉 🙂

I am allowed to chew on shoes! 🙂 ❤ What do you think about that? I am even encouraged to chew on shoes! We found them in the petshop of my mum’s human pup! I adore them! And they are healthy for doggies (buffalo skin! Ike, Sam and Zip!!)  and teeth-caring! 🙂

So, I play with shoes and I chew on shoes very often! Just be jealous, all of you!!! 😉

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