Yes!!! … Today is WWW-day! :-)

Despite the ideas of my mum, my water-businees is the best winter-business this year! Oh yes! Today it was the WWW-day! ❤
We went to the huge dogpark, of course! My waterbusiness must taken care off! 🙂

We met a lot of doggies but we also met grandma Azeris! Her blue leg and shoulder are gone. Stitches are out and the hair grows back. Grandma Azeris is very lively these days! Her dad is very glad about that! She does much better than before the surgery. She could not go to the hairdresser’s, vet said to wait a while! She is so friendly, grandma Azeris. She even went to my mum for a cuddle! (Who wouldn’t? 😉 )

In the end I started a sand-mudbusiness… They will work in the huge dogpark… 😦 So they already plowed where the paths will be made. Fine sand-mud! hahahaha.

End at home? Paw Plunger time!
Hexe, especially for you and your mum this time. By the way, Islay, take a good look my dear, maybe this will happen to you too one day! 😉

PS And yes we know… too many pictures… we did choose out of 108! 🙂

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