Bizarre… treasure…

Mum was looking in her black box. It is not red or blinking but it is black. This thing can speak but it also makes pics. She found some pics and a little video of some time ago. In the video I was barking and the française woke up out of her nap and was confused! hahahaha! 😉 🙂
I want to show you the pics and the little video too… Hope my other friends are not confused about me barking! 😉

Anyway, some weeks ago we had a very big afternoon walk and we passed by this tiny little dog park. Of course we were going in! ❤

I found a treasure there!  weard one! No begin and no end! Sissie Lizzie was not too interested. Inspection business is not like her, she is more in the running business. 😉
Anyway, I had a nice play! 🙂


Busy days… on the beach!

Last weekend, we were really very busy! We were in our running business! Since I’m the CEO in this business, I make my employees work, of course! 😉

So, sissie Lizzie, known in my company as the française, had a lot of work to do! And because I’m a very good CEO I ordered dubble treats for the new little one! Weekend work, you know, double payed in my company! She got them, of course! Not only from mum but also from dad! ❤

You see, this real business lady has everything under control. That’s in my genes, as it is in the genes of my mum and my human grandmum (mum’s mum, you see!) Proof is in the long video and in the pics, of course! 🙂




Mud boots… no passaran!

– “Dis-moi, Miss Know-It-All, can you explain to me what this funny procedure is all p1400996-85x100about? Mostly we come into the house and we go off leash immediately, and then there are times we have to go through this ceremony of ‘paw plunging’. Je n’y comprends rien!
– “That’s when we have mud boots, silly. Mum doesn’t want that, so we get our paws cleaned.” 🙂

– “Ca alors! Where I come from, you just go inside, tu sais. You Antwerp guys must really be des chiens de ville, ‘city dogs’ so to say.”
– “Funny that you mention that, Lizzie! Monsieur Bernard, a farmer – and the Dad of my french friend Manau, who went to the Rainbow Bridge to join his old pal Grandpa Lennox – used to say that jokingly of Grandpa and me.” 🙂

– “Eh bien, if that’s what Mum wants, I guess we’ll have to do it on her terms, n’est-ce pas?”
– “You are very right, Lizzie! We’d better, that’s for sure… Sooner or later everybody in this house learns that it is by far the smartest way to do things: on Mum’s conditions… After all, it’s not that horrific, this ‘paw plunging business’ of hers, is it?” [aire laughter]

Sissie Lizzie


Busy sunday… part 2.

Okay, here we are with part two of our busy sunday!
On the very same afternoon me and the française were meting Melene, we also met  my friend Lex. All my friends met him before here in my stories… 🙂

Well, I had to supervise again. First with the three Irish stters and then with Lex. Told Lizzie she should not jump like that on this boy’s back, she would pay it back later on. No listening of the new little one, she acted as not warned at all… 😦

Afterwards Lex jumped on her all the time… well, she earned that with her own behaviour! 😉

She was a very tired pup after all that running business! She is good in that, I admit. She makes the silliest tumbles while running! The movie shows it some where! 😉



Busy sunday… part 1!

This was a real busy sunday! We went to the huge dogpark and this time for almost all afternoon, I think! Lots of adventures, surely for the française. Mum made a lot of pictures, we’ll have to show them in parts or you get bored! 😉

Big news, big double news: I met the dad of grandma Azeris. Grandma went to the rainbow Bridge, that is one part of the news. The sad part of the news! Surely she is seducing my grandpa Lennox or my grandfather Desmond, with all her friendly charmes! 😉
The happy part of this double news: her dad was chosen by a new girl: Melene. She is a Picardy Shepherd of one year old! 🙂

A lovely girl! And because the française is about the same age, they were in the playing and the running business! I was supervising most of the time, while the dads were talking and mum tried to make pics. But then I forgot my duties when I found an interesting hole… 😉

To be continued tomorrow…



‘Rincation’, perceived from The Rainbow Bridge

Ah, The Little One – who isn’t The Little One of the house anymore!
From now on I’ll be naming you “Young Lady” instead. Do you like that?

Sweet Young Lady Kita,

Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words . It all starts coming back to me now. There are many more things you don’t know about me, though… Maybe for the better! You’d probably tell The Little One all about it, and if she really is my ‘rincation’, she might start getting into trouble by random acts of mischief… 🙂 Don’t push me, I won’t tell you any more details!

Let me give you some advice. Don’t just believe what people tell you. Find out for yourself and draw your own conclusions. Shouldn’t be too hard for a stubborn Aire Lady as yourself. Oh, and one more thing: there is no such thing as ‘rincation’, ‘reincarnation’ or whatever one desires to call it. I should have found out by now, don’t you think? It’s all in the mind…

Now, if you’ll excuse me, sweet Young Lady, for I have to be going. We have our weekly night out at the eternal playground, you see. I’ll be chasing our mutual beloved French friend Mano, your granduncle Apollo and your granddad Desmond – who have both become close friends of mine – and my old time gang buddy Grobber of the Wild Bunch at the dogpark.

Take good care of my airedale ‘rincation’. I don’t know her at all, but I do like her a lot! 🙂 Take good care of Mum and Dad as well. Hug them more than you’re inclined to. They need it! And most of all: take good care of yourself, Young Lady. You stay in my heart forever.

Grandpa Lennox



What?… What do you say: ‘rincation’?

Dear grandpa Lennox

Today it is a kind of gotcha day… that’s why I write you! Two-months-gotcha-day of sissie Lizzie, better known all around the world as the française!
As you know we still think off you down here and we talk about you! But these days, mum often says that the française surely is a “rincation” of you, that must be, she says! 🙂 ❤

[Reincarnation, Kita, reincarnation! If you write, do tell him correctly – sigh!]

So as I was saying, sissie seems to be your “rincation”. The most amusing part of this is that I know now a lot of things of you, grandpa, that you never told me! 😉
You must have been quite a character when you arrived and you were three years old! Wow!

It seems that…
❤ You pulled so hard on the leash that you ‘worked’ mum in the hospital for a few days! My dogness! Well Lizzie does too, at least she did but no one in the hospital. She is a quick learner!
❤ You were jumping around and jumping up all the time to get your food! Hahaha, Lizzie does too! But again: she learns quickly. She sits now and only jumps once or twice…
❤ You always ate very, very fast… you still did as a grandpa! Well, Lizzie does too… no quick learning for that matter! 😉
❤ You barked and started acting as a wild one when seeing a bird, rabbit, cat or whatever that moves, outside! Again, so does the française… slow learning for her in this situations… 😉
❤ You were always calm passing another dog but you could be quite angry when outside another dog started to yell and bark at you and then you made noise for ten dogs! 😉 We have such a française at our hands now too! 😉 She learns, but… mmmm.
❤ You were the best friends with every dog, but off leash… even the ones who attacked you before! (You were attacked by two big Turkish sheperds, 2 times your size??????) Great guy you did accept them in the dogpark afterwards!! Anyway, sissie is too.
❤ You were cuddling very much with dad, a real cuddler, dad says… The française is too! Incredible!
❤ You jumped up against people when you liked them very much and you were enthousiastic! Again: Lizzie does too… rather slow learning … 😦
❤ You were a daddy’s boy, Lizzie is too… at least a daddy’s girl!! hahaha 🙂
❤ You were a runner and very energetic when you were young, never tired! You took life at the wild side! I can tell you that this new little one does the same!
❤ You had this impossibly big will to please! I know that! I can tell Lizzie has too! Incredible! She is not stubborn at all! You tell her once to sit, she does. That’s not really airedale-like! Not at all!
❤ You were the most incredible dog ever, one out of a million, dad always says: big chance mum and dad found you! Well they say the same about Lizzie! For me YOU will always be the most incredible one…

You see, I know a lot of you now… You must have been quite a character, pppffffff! 😉 And that is why they say here that the française is your “rincation”… pppfffff… difficult to understand for me.

Anyway, it is almost dinner time… get the picture? 😉

Big hugs from

Kita Van ‘Asbroek, better known to you as the little one (although I am bigger than you)




The huge dogpark… too many businesses!

– “This is very nice, Lizzie!”p1400996-85x100
Ah non, there we go again! Miss Know-It-All keeps informing me about what comes next. J’en ai vraiment marre!
– “We are heading for the huge dogpark alright!”
Ah, ça change tout, bien sûr! Since this ‘heat thing’ ended (vous souvenez-vous?), we’ve been there several times and we can run free as much as we like. C’est génial!  🙂

Viens, Kita, on y va!” What is keeping her, sniffing around at the entrance? We have lots of work to do! Si je me rappelle bien, running business comes first. Next we go to the hill over there, where all the rabbit holes are, for a thorough inspection, and after that we sneak out of sight to go to the brook, to get ourselves some nice mud-boots. Mum hates that! 🙂

“Look, Kita, there is a handsome gentleman over there!” Je vais flâner un peu avec lui… Do you want to play tag? Oh, je m’excuse, but I really have to go now: smartass Kita is already at the hill, and she’ll be nagging about me not attending to the businesses! A très bientôt, mon beau! “Wait for me, Kita, here I come!” Oh, she’s already tiptoeing to the brookside…

“Kita! Kita! Where are you?” Elle est partie! I can’t find her anywhere… “Kita!” Oh no, there you have it: that’s Dad’s whistle! I have to go back! But I’ve lost track of Kita and I don’t even know where the whistle comes from! Ca alors! Quoi faire? “Kita! Kita, wait for me!” Ce n’est pas possible! There is the whistle again, with more insistence… I’m in big trouble! 😦

Is that Kita over there? This is killing me! Trop stressant!Ouf! There you have Mom and Dad. Kita has already found them. I run all I’ve got, straight to Dad. Never mind the treat, I’m happy as I am, having found you et tout. “Come on, Lizzie, let’s run off again, to the brook.” –”Non, merci, Kita, I’m staying with Dad now. We’ll see about that next time…”

Sissie Lizzie