‘Rincation’, perceived from The Rainbow Bridge

Ah, The Little One – who isn’t The Little One of the house anymore!
From now on I’ll be naming you “Young Lady” instead. Do you like that?

Sweet Young Lady Kita,

Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words . It all starts coming back to me now. There are many more things you don’t know about me, though… Maybe for the better! You’d probably tell The Little One all about it, and if she really is my ‘rincation’, she might start getting into trouble by random acts of mischief… 🙂 Don’t push me, I won’t tell you any more details!

Let me give you some advice. Don’t just believe what people tell you. Find out for yourself and draw your own conclusions. Shouldn’t be too hard for a stubborn Aire Lady as yourself. Oh, and one more thing: there is no such thing as ‘rincation’, ‘reincarnation’ or whatever one desires to call it. I should have found out by now, don’t you think? It’s all in the mind…

Now, if you’ll excuse me, sweet Young Lady, for I have to be going. We have our weekly night out at the eternal playground, you see. I’ll be chasing our mutual beloved French friend Mano, your granduncle Apollo and your granddad Desmond – who have both become close friends of mine – and my old time gang buddy Grobber of the Wild Bunch at the dogpark.

Take good care of my airedale ‘rincation’. I don’t know her at all, but I do like her a lot! 🙂 Take good care of Mum and Dad as well. Hug them more than you’re inclined to. They need it! And most of all: take good care of yourself, Young Lady. You stay in my heart forever.

Grandpa Lennox



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