Busy sunday… part 1!

This was a real busy sunday! We went to the huge dogpark and this time for almost all afternoon, I think! Lots of adventures, surely for the française. Mum made a lot of pictures, we’ll have to show them in parts or you get bored! 😉

Big news, big double news: I met the dad of grandma Azeris. Grandma went to the rainbow Bridge, that is one part of the news. The sad part of the news! Surely she is seducing my grandpa Lennox or my grandfather Desmond, with all her friendly charmes! 😉
The happy part of this double news: her dad was chosen by a new girl: Melene. She is a Picardy Shepherd of one year old! 🙂

A lovely girl! And because the française is about the same age, they were in the playing and the running business! I was supervising most of the time, while the dads were talking and mum tried to make pics. But then I forgot my duties when I found an interesting hole… 😉

To be continued tomorrow…



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