Busy sunday… part 2.

Okay, here we are with part two of our busy sunday!
On the very same afternoon me and the française were meting Melene, we also met  my friend Lex. All my friends met him before here in my stories… 🙂

Well, I had to supervise again. First with the three Irish stters and then with Lex. Told Lizzie she should not jump like that on this boy’s back, she would pay it back later on. No listening of the new little one, she acted as not warned at all… 😦

Afterwards Lex jumped on her all the time… well, she earned that with her own behaviour! 😉

She was a very tired pup after all that running business! She is good in that, I admit. She makes the silliest tumbles while running! The movie shows it some where! 😉



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