Mud boots… no passaran!

– “Dis-moi, Miss Know-It-All, can you explain to me what this funny procedure is all p1400996-85x100about? Mostly we come into the house and we go off leash immediately, and then there are times we have to go through this ceremony of ‘paw plunging’. Je n’y comprends rien!
– “That’s when we have mud boots, silly. Mum doesn’t want that, so we get our paws cleaned.” 🙂

– “Ca alors! Where I come from, you just go inside, tu sais. You Antwerp guys must really be des chiens de ville, ‘city dogs’ so to say.”
– “Funny that you mention that, Lizzie! Monsieur Bernard, a farmer – and the Dad of my french friend Manau, who went to the Rainbow Bridge to join his old pal Grandpa Lennox – used to say that jokingly of Grandpa and me.” 🙂

– “Eh bien, if that’s what Mum wants, I guess we’ll have to do it on her terms, n’est-ce pas?”
– “You are very right, Lizzie! We’d better, that’s for sure… Sooner or later everybody in this house learns that it is by far the smartest way to do things: on Mum’s conditions… After all, it’s not that horrific, this ‘paw plunging business’ of hers, is it?” [aire laughter]

Sissie Lizzie


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