Happy New Year… for you all over the world!

Me, Kita, and my mum, yes, and my grandpa Lennox and my dad, we want to wish you a very happy and healthy 2014. I was looking on my mum’s tv-typing-machine and found two very inspiring pictures!

Me and mum we think you find the most important things in life in these 2 pics… That’s what we wish you for 2014 and of course a good health too!

I asked mum to add some good memories of little – big – things to take with us from 2013 into 2014!

Happy New Year, you all, out there, around the world from me, Kita, here in Belgium, Europe.


Light-mas with… two Kita’s!

Mum did agree with me! For this year, she says, I’m right! I call the 25th of december: Light-mas… because of all the lights everywhere… Mums laughs and she says, well, she says…That it’s called…  hmmm…

Christmas, Kita, Christmas!

We spent a few days at the seaside! On Light-mas morning we went to the beach! The day after the storm! Well, at the beach it really was Light-mas and not… euh… euh, you know!! Light was very bright and beautiful!

And then? What did I see? Another Kita! She was following me all the time, when I was running and playing and jumping. She did exactly the same thing as me!
But I gave my mum a big hug and she didn’t!! 😉 She shouldn’t, mum is my mum!

And then we saw the bird. Mum made some pics for Ike and Sam in Wyoming. Romantic pics! Bird was lonely! Another seagull came and talked to the first one. They flew away together! See, how kind?!

In the afternoon we went to the beach again! But the other Kita disappeared, we could not find her anymore… 😦

Mum made many pictures and you can see on every picture 2 Kita’s! But not in the hug-pic!!  

Antwerp-Christmas-tour… for my far away friends!

On thursday night, mum’s holidays started. And the holidays of her collegues too! The met in the evening in Antwerp to have a drink on the “Grote markt”, near the city hall. And guess what? I could come too!

We made a large trip on foot, get off the tram few stops earlier, to admire the lights everywhere! Light, lights, lights… Mum says that’s because of Christmas. Christmas?
Is that a doggie, mum? Don’t tell me it’s a cat!! No dog? No cat? What is it? Oh, a big feast! Are there treats for doggies too at this feast?

Okay, so we walk in the city that’s ready for Lightmas!

Christmas, Kita, Christmas!

Okay, Okay! Lightmas! I show you around in Lightmas-Antwerp… Have a look at the pics with comment… Mum had the blinking box ready, this time… 🙂

A birthday!!!… Treats! Yes!

Finally! Finally, I can use the tv-typing-machine to tell my stories! Mum has two weeks of holidays! Holidays should mean: no work! You don’t know my mum yet if you think holidays are holidays here… 😉

Anyway she has more time to go out and to play with me! 😉 And she is knitting a lot so I can use the tv-typing-machine! Lots of things to tell!

You know Gitte? She’s my friend! She was the first doggie I met when I came to live with my mum. She’s only 6 weeks older than I am!
And yes, last thursday was her birthday! Mum and me we often go early to the dogpark when mum hast to go to work afterwards and then Gitte is not always there, that early!
But on thursday morning she was there before me! I tell you! What a surprise!
We practice our judo exercises and Gitte won’t rest before she wins with an ippon! Then we play some bitey-face that scares a lot of other mums and dads when they see us do that for the first time. Our mums are used to it by now.

And then? Well, Gitte’s mum made little parcels with treats for every friend in the dogpark to celibrate Gitte’s birthday! Gitte’s thirth birthday! Gitte and I had a very close look when her mum looked for my present in the big bag! Curious me was too curious! Got on the bench, got my paws on the table… Mum was not pleased, that’s the least you can say… 😦

But I was! 😉

Still possible…Incognito? ;-)

My mum says I have to come down to earth in stead of being too proud! Easy for her to say: she is not Kita, the airedale-lady! You need some explanations?

Few sundays ago, I was at the seaside (remember?) with mum and dad and grandpa en mum’s and dad’s friends. We had a long walk and went inside somewhere to have a drink (at least the mums and dads had a nice drink!). After a while i wanted to leave again and didn’t want to stay in the sit-position! 😉
Finally we got up and wanted to leave! A very friendly madame comes to us and says to me: You really are Kita? The Kita? The Kita of the blog? I tell you! I was speechless for a moment! So was my mum! Seems that this nice lady was the mum of one of my litter sisters! Born the same day! Her name is Manon! She lives in Belgium too! In Overijse, if I remember well! I’m famous, you see!

Then there is the new video: the Airedale World! With airedales from all over the world! Mum showed me! Lots and lots of friends! And guess what: I’m in it too! People can see me, Kita, all over the world. I’m there between all the other famous beauties! Can’t say I’m not one of the famous dales!

But then, last but not least, other big news! The human mum of my doggie-mum Funnygirl, asked me, Kita, to write “the Belgian news” for the terrier Year Book 2013 in the UK!  Imagine! By the way, what’s the UK, I asked? Mum says that’s the place where Sir Darwin is from and the silent-wednesday-gang lives there too.
Will they read it, mum, when the book is ready? 😉

I won’t be too famous to go out incognito, will I, mum? 😉

Hope so, Kita, because I’ll be there too, you can’t leave alone…! 😦 😉

Shopping?… Here I am!

Where are we going? I see it! Yes! A petstore!
What does she say, my mum? Féline? What about Féline? Is my sister  in there?

No, silly Kita!

Oh, we’re going to buy something for Féline! I understand. We go in! Lots to see and snif! Up there, mum, up there! The combs with the rolling teeth! 😉 I prefer that kind of comb! I really do! When my mum combs my paws, with the long hair and curls, and with lots of dirt in it… well, I do not feel anything and I keep still. The old cam wasn’t that nice. Oh no! Me is satisfied about the combing now! 😉

I told my sister Féline who told her mum who told my mum and now we go to our petshop to buy that comb everyone was talking of! 😉 Nice idea! The sir in the shop is a nice guy who gives treats to the visitors! The dog-visitors! Mum got nothing! 😉

Forgot to tell… but detective asked…

I forgot to tell this last week, because of all the vampire-excitement. It was the same day! In some shop mum got a present: a doggie-duck! A talking doggie-duck! People want me to play wit talking friends, these days! 😉

Oh, yes, that was what I did! I played a lot with it, mum heard me very well while she was cooking! 😉 When I got tired, I went to my bed for a nap!

What a surprise some time later! Mum wakes me up and shows me the duck! The poor thing lost her snail! How on earth is that possible? All while I was taking my nap?
Yes, mum, I know: grandpa Lennox does not do such a horrible thing! We have no cat in the house, we can blame neither! Okay, our goldfish is not able to hurt the duck, I understand! And you were cooking, so you are  innocent too! I really don’t understand!

Oh, my goodness… why is the evidence in my bed? Will somebody explain this to me? Yes, mum, I’ll hire a detective… Grrr, waf!

Before, after… and family-pictures.

Okay, there we go! I get out of the car, I see it! This is the place where my mummie Funnygirl lives… There’s her dad! He’ll give me a new look! See you later, mum! And I go to my doggie-family with wagging tail!

When mum comes back I’m playing with a few of my nieces: Mizzy and Manyroses. And one of my uncles gets a new look: Chico! He’s the familymember that likes climbing in trees… See, that I’m not that ‘not normal’! It’s all in the family! 🙂

When we come home mum makes the ‘after’-fototoot but I’m not in the mood, I move too much: pics are not very nice… 😦 And my new collar? A tiny bit too big, but mum says it’s allright. Mum says I seem so small without all my curls! Well, mum, don’t worry too much: within a few weeks… I’ll be “curly” again.

🙂 And I can see those big eyes again, so I see what you are up to!

That’s less good news! 😦 But the other news was okay: the vampire in the green clothes called dad and said the blood of my grandpa Lennox was a little better… 🙂 To be continued…

Grandpa Lennox at… the vampire’s place!

Strange! Very strange! After a little after-dinner-walk I have to stay home and grandpa Lennox leaves the house with mum and dad. That is strange! Grandpa prefers resting and napping after his walk!

There they are back! Grandpa lennox says they were at the vampire’s place! What’s that? Grandpa says I’m too young to understand but he explains: he has been with the people with the green clothes! GGrrrr. First the scale, of course! He gained some weight, after that kidney-thing, that was great news, he thinks.
Less good news… They took some blood with a needle in his paw! Ggggrrrrr, grrr. That’s what vampires do, he says, they drink your blood! I think vampires eat hair also: grandpa has a paw with a spot without hair…
Anyway, the green-clothes-people are going to check grandpa’s blood… whatever that means… maybe they will be sniffing a lot and tasting it?

Mum says she makes a little fototoot of his paw! Can I in the pic too? With my paw?

Kita!!! Photoshoot!!!