Light-mas with… two Kita’s!

Mum did agree with me! For this year, she says, I’m right! I call the 25th of december: Light-mas… because of all the lights everywhere… Mums laughs and she says, well, she says…That it’s called…  hmmm…

Christmas, Kita, Christmas!

We spent a few days at the seaside! On Light-mas morning we went to the beach! The day after the storm! Well, at the beach it really was Light-mas and not… euh… euh, you know!! Light was very bright and beautiful!

And then? What did I see? Another Kita! She was following me all the time, when I was running and playing and jumping. She did exactly the same thing as me!
But I gave my mum a big hug and she didn’t!! 😉 She shouldn’t, mum is my mum!

And then we saw the bird. Mum made some pics for Ike and Sam in Wyoming. Romantic pics! Bird was lonely! Another seagull came and talked to the first one. They flew away together! See, how kind?!

In the afternoon we went to the beach again! But the other Kita disappeared, we could not find her anymore… 😦

Mum made many pictures and you can see on every picture 2 Kita’s! But not in the hug-pic!!  

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