Yes, I’m three!! … Adult? Grown up?…

Well, today is my birthday! yes, I’m born on the 29th of january 2011. Grandpa learned me to count, so today I’m three years old. So says my mum.

Speaking about her! I had a lot of negotiating to do with my mum! For my first and second birthday, she made me a crown and that thing came on my head. I will wear a pull or T-shirt or whatever, if you want me to but no crown! Please mum, I’m an adult, crowns or for child-doggies!
I saw her thinking, sometimes she needs thinking about something! I recognise it immediatly! If I do that, she calls me stubborn, I call it thinking. Okay, mum was thinking… then she said:

And what about a bandana? What do you think?

She makes me think! She understands that I’m an adult now… Well, if it is a nice one? A real and typical Flemish one? From her human grandpa? Mum, is it lady-like enough? Oh, does that depend on the way you wear it? Let’s try! Mum sews a number on it, in green, selfmade too. Like it. Okay, put it on!

Fototoot of course? Also in the dogpark? I can keep on the bandana to go the dogpark? That’s nice! And look: little but big Hercules is there! Let’s party and play! 😉
In the mud too, Hercules? Of course! On the table? Oh yes!

When we get home, mum shows me the presents! Grandpa, you get a chicken-leg too! 🙂 But this toy is mine! 

Adult? Yes… Grown up? Not too much, probably never… 😦   But very happy, always! 😉

PS Féline, happy birthday!!!   Did you get a bandana and presents too?

Real photographer!.. Real fototoot!

A real, real fototoot! Yes, yes!

A photoshoot, Kita, a photoshoot!

Okay, mum, a real fototoot by a real photographer!
So, this weekend we went to the seaside! Me and my grandpa Lennox love walking and running on the beach! Yes, grandpa did run a bit! The golden pills do a good job! Anyway, we were on the beach… Me and mum we always arrive first at the waterline at low tide, I run faster then my grandpa who stays with dad.
There was a man on the beach with a big box, making pics. I was running to him… and he made a picture with this big thing! Mum and he were talking, he told he has a storybook too on the tv-typing-machine! Just as I have! And he is the dad of Phaido, who was not on the beach with him! 😦 What a pity!

He also promised to send the pic to my mum! And he did! Just have a look at this great pic of me! He wrote in his story that I’m a nice doggie (leuk hondje), just have a look!  Go see 24-01-2014.
And he made a second picture, too! With a special eye!

A special camera lens, Kita!!!

Okay, the tele-eye made a picture of the four of us! That’s special! If you look very well, you can see that mum was taking pics with the blinking thing… Show you those tomorrow! Today the real ones!! 😉

Thank you, Phaido-dad!!

Incredible!… What’s incredible?

We come home from the dogpark. mum says: look there! That’s incredible. Where is Incredible? New dog in the neighbourhood? I stop and look around but I see no dog. No mum or dad neither. It’s one of these days,… mum is speaking in puzzles. I don’t like that!

It really is incredible she says again when we are inside. She opens the window and says again: this is incredible! My goodness, can someone tell me who is this mister or misses incredible? Mum gets the blinking thing? Fototoot of Incredible?

Mum, listen, I’m here! What does she do now? She makes pictures of the flowers. She really is mistaken: these flowers are geraniums, not Incredible. ???

Now the black box is singing. She says hello. I listen. Must be the human pup, I hear it. Mum tells it’s incredible that in the middle of january the geraniums start flowering again. Human pup says Incredible too… Crazy human family! I see no Incredible! 😦 I only see geraniums outside… but they have flowers, that’s not normal, it’s not summer now! Unbelievable! 😉

Yes!… Tomato-time!

Grandpa Lennox, come, mum is busy cutting tomatoes! You like that too! Don’t have to tell him that twice… there he comes! He does not hear it anymore when he is far away when mum starts making dinner, so I call him!
Well, mum, here we are! We want a piece of tomato!

Oh, yes, we have to lie down, both of us? Grandpa, you glutton, get down or we get nothing! You know you always get your treat first, but get down now!!
Hey young lady, speak for yourself! Lie down, impatient young thing!

Look, mum, we lie down! Does the tomato come now? Yes! What’s next, mum? We both sit down, is that okay too? For a leaf of lettuce it’s okay! Nice!

New little friend… fierce old lady!

Mum, look! Holidaymum is in the dogpark! And two doggies are there with her. The cocker is Lokum, but who is the other one?
Holidaymum, can I have my treat? Yes, I will sit!

Okay, that little lady is Mirabel? Hello Mirabel! I’m Kita and yes, I’m pretty and not small at all, so keep your manners! Do not sniff my butt all the time, will you?!!!

What is holidaymum telling at my mum? Mirabel is almost 14 years old? A little grandma! She is not too social and rather bossy? She does not like Lokum?

Mum, holidaymum!!! Look, they are fighting! Oh no, don’t do that when holidaymum is near! Oh no!! When holidaymum shouts and lets you know she is the alpha, even my mum steps aside.
Ohoh, Lokum and surely little grandma, who started the fight, seem not to pleased wit the new orders of holidaymum… I must tell this at my grandpa Lennox!

And my mum? She forgot to make pics of the fight! 😦 but she has a few of little grandma Mirabel. 🙂


Grandpa?… He did it again!

Yes, he did it again! He scared us! Only two days after mum was filming his morning walk, well, on tuesday afternoon, it happened. He could not get up, my grandpa Lennox! When dad helped him, he could stand and then, there he did lie down again!
I was in a little panic! How is that possible??? My grandpa could not walk anymore! 😦

Mum and dad called the people in the green clothes and grandpa could go and see them immediatly! Returning, he said something about a fototoot. Oh, my dogness, and he does not like fototoots! What? Pictures on a light? More Osteoarthritis? No cancer? What’s that all about?? He also explained that he got two injections! One for feeling better and one for feeling stronger, he says he got anabolic steroids. I don’t understand a word of what he says, grandpa. Think something went wrong with his head too at the green clothes’s clinic… 😦

Listen, girl, you will not be the only famous one! I’m going to be invited by Oprah Winfrey. 

Opera? Singing dogs? And you will be invited? You don’t like noise!

Silly Kita! These are stupid questions. You really know nothing of the real world, don’t you? The green clothes – by the way: the vet, my dear – well she gave me an injection with “doping”. And then you are invited by a very famous tv-journalist, she is called Oprah Winfrey!

Oh, is it only that… Pfff! And when can you walk again? I think that is more important…


Next day mum went to the pharmacist, the nice and very smart guy! He is Kyra’s dad! Anyway, mum had a paper to get pills, expensive pills, she said! Kyra’s dad called them golden pills. Yesterday, at noon, grandpa ate a golden pill! It was just white!! Crazy things, they are talking about here, these days!

And then, the miracle happened! Three hours after the golden (white) pill, my grandpa was walking again, on his own! He was even hungry! After dinner he went out with dad, as usual… not as far as usual and not to the dogpark, but he walks again!

Already told you, little one! Need a tornado to blow me off to the Bridge!!! 😉

Morning walks with… grandpa Lennox!

Within 2 weeks it’s my birthday! I will be three years old! Exactly 4 months later – that’s every year like that, he says – it’s my grandpa Lennox’s birthday! He will be 15 years old then! Yes, you read it very good! 15 years old!

He says he’s old now… there’s a lot he can not do anymore… he does not go up or down the stairs, he does not climb trees (never did that – haha!), he does not jump in and out the car anymore, he does not jump on and off the couch, he does not surf on the counter (never did, he says!), he does not play roughly anymore, he does not run fast anymore (and he was a great runner!!)… he sleeps a lot…

BUT he makes four walks everyday, his tail always wagging (and breaking glasses sometimes at home)! And I learned a lot of him! I learned to read the daily newspaper and be informed about the actuality in the dogpark and the neighbourhood. I learned how to smell and know danger. He thought me where to find moles! I learned how to pee like a guy – still do it sometimes altough it is not lady-like. He thought me how to ask for a treat, and that’s his best “art”. He thought me  to respect mum and dad and to listen to them… (what I do, at least most of the time). I learned not to touch his food, he is a labrador, you know! I learned to guard the house and bark when someone’s at the door (he does not do that anymore). I learned that I can play with him untill he’s tired and then I have to stop teasing him…

He learned me to be happy with and thankful  for all the good things that come my way… just like he is, still is, despite his age, despite his hyp displasia, despite his osteoarthritis and despite his kidneyproblems… He says he is thankfull he has no pain. Although he sees and hears less then before, he is still curious and interested in everything.

I asked mum to make a film of his morning walk, so you can see my grandpa Lennox!! Of course I am in it too, could not be without me of course! 😉 🙂


I love these… Pagan traditions

This was really an exciting evening! Why? Me and mum, we went to a fire and to fireworks! Dad and grandpa Lennox did not come with us, because… now you will laugh as I did… well because my big grandpa Lennox, a real macho in his younger years (that’s what he always says), well my grandpa is afraid of fireworks! Can you believe that? 😉

Mum says I don’t have to laugh, that I have enough overseas and Belgian doggiefriends who are afraid of fireworks! She says: I told you about Gus, didn’t I? You did send him lots of goods on FaceBook, lady! Ohoh, I forgot… 😦

Anyway we saw the fireworks, lots of colours in the dark sky. They appeared and then disappeared again. Why do they disappear if it’s that nice? Sometimes the world has those silly things… And of course there was the noise… Lots of doggies were barking… This lady did not! Many, many people came to see it.
After the fireworks, there was that real fire! Mum, look at that! Hundreds of christmas trees on a pile, they are burning! Call the firefighters! What do you say? They are already here? And they start the big fire?? See what I mean: silly world we live in!
Can tell you that this fire was big and warm!!! Mum explained this is a very old Pagan tradition to say hello to the New Year. Looked it up, it’s quit a story! Ans in these days it’s not good for the environment, it’s not ecological… Maybe that’s true but I like this Pagan way of doing… 😉 Maybe because I’m an airedale lady? 😉

Mum made pics… very difficult in the dark… :-(, but I wanted to prove my scared macho grandpa it is safe, all this fire-things, Pagan or not! 😉

In Dutch:

In English:




Refining… my climbing skills!

So we are back to normal life and I go to the dogpark every day. But sometimes there are no doggiefriends to play with because we go early! Mum has to go to work, you see!

Then I look for other activities, of course. I’m not of the inactive type of dog, as you already might know… So, I thought I could concentrate on refining my climbing skills. Every aire-lady can always be better in things, can’t she?

Near my tree in the dogpark there is another tree. Branches are more narrow then those of my tree. But I’m good in climbing, so I can go up there! 

Yes, I can! 🙂

But I have a worried mum, she worries too much. When I’m too far away, she whistles…When I climb too high… well, I have to come down! To narrow, she says, you cannot turn back on that tree. (She knows I’m not the jumping type… 😦 ). For once, I listened and tried to turn before to go higher.
I don’t like to admit, just like that, but… she was right: difficult to turn on that branch… so I walked back to my old tree. Grandpa Lennox said: you see, sometimes it’s better to listen! Ggggrrrrrr, he too?!!!!

Mum thought she was filming! Hahahahahaha… Oh no, she only has pics! Hahahahahaha!

More seaside… in daylight!

Last part of the holiday-stories!

By daylight, I was not UFO-ing of course! But I was running a lot! I like the beach and that big space and the water and the sand and the running! One morning, mum was filming to show the friends I run very far away! She says that I’m a mini-Kita for her when I’m that far away!

But I think sometimes mum is a little bit worried that I forget her when I’m too far away! And then she uses the whistle-language! That’s something I know very, very well – although I say it myself! – When I her the whistle: short, short, long… then I should hurry to mum, as fast as I can. Playing with other dogs? Stop it! Sniffing something interesting? Stop it! Eating something? Stop it! And: RUN! And that’s what I do then! I’m a lady!!! And… I always get a very good treat!!!

Little detail: mum should use that short, short, long-whistle more often! 😉 That would mean: more treats! 😉