Yes, I’m three!! … Adult? Grown up?…

Well, today is my birthday! yes, I’m born on the 29th of january 2011. Grandpa learned me to count, so today I’m three years old. So says my mum.

Speaking about her! I had a lot of negotiating to do with my mum! For my first and second birthday, she made me a crown and that thing came on my head. I will wear a pull or T-shirt or whatever, if you want me to but no crown! Please mum, I’m an adult, crowns or for child-doggies!
I saw her thinking, sometimes she needs thinking about something! I recognise it immediatly! If I do that, she calls me stubborn, I call it thinking. Okay, mum was thinking… then she said:

And what about a bandana? What do you think?

She makes me think! She understands that I’m an adult now… Well, if it is a nice one? A real and typical Flemish one? From her human grandpa? Mum, is it lady-like enough? Oh, does that depend on the way you wear it? Let’s try! Mum sews a number on it, in green, selfmade too. Like it. Okay, put it on!

Fototoot of course? Also in the dogpark? I can keep on the bandana to go the dogpark? That’s nice! And look: little but big Hercules is there! Let’s party and play! 😉
In the mud too, Hercules? Of course! On the table? Oh yes!

When we get home, mum shows me the presents! Grandpa, you get a chicken-leg too! 🙂 But this toy is mine! 

Adult? Yes… Grown up? Not too much, probably never… 😦   But very happy, always! 😉

PS Féline, happy birthday!!!   Did you get a bandana and presents too?

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