Beach-bunny Kita… making new friends!

Mum says I’m good in a lot of things, but – and I do say so myself too! – I’m especially good in making friends! Big dogs, black dogs, white dogs, all colours-dogs, small dogs, puppy-dogs… I like them all. I always start very polite and gently to say hello… if the other one wants to play, we play. If not, we sniff a bit and we go on…

Today for instance!
On the beach I met several dogs! First of all, there was the little black one, a cocker I think, I’m not sure… we played a bit and then I picked his tennisball. Mum said that was not too polite… she called me, I gave her the ball immediatly (for once!) and mum gave the ball back at the dad with the hat.

Then came Woody! My dogness, he’s only five months old and he is already bigger then me! But he is so gentle! Like him! Mum explained later that he is a St. Bernard!

And then, that was the best part! There was Holly! Her mum speaks French and English and her dad German and English and Holly? She speaks French. My French is not that good but we managed to understand each other in French-Dutch dog-language! We had so much fun, running and playing.
Mum, will Holly come to our dogpark too? That would be great!
No? Why not? 😦

Of all these meetings, mum made pics and films. Today the pics, later the film! Oh, and then some more exciting news to come… one of these days, about bandanas!



    • Hello Charlie, my mum has also a little film, I asked her to put that on the blog too and she says she will do that tomorrow or wednesday!
      And yes, we had so much fun together! Big hugs to you and Holly, of course!

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