Hexe and me?… The red-bandana-girls!

This is almost unbelievable! I have a bandana-sister! She has the same red bandana as me! We would be a very nice duo! I would like to show you a pic of the two of us, with our bandana!

There is only one, very big, little problem! Hexe lives in Germany, near Heidelberg! Well, the tv-typing machine tells that there is 444 kms (275 miles) between the two of us! I asked mum to go there on our sunday-afternoon-walk: then we have time! But mum says it is impossible to make such a big walk to see Hexe, on the leash or of the leash: impossible… šŸ˜¦

So Hexe and me, we told the mums to use their blinking boxes and the tv-typing-machines. They did! So you can see pics of the two red-bandana-girls: very beautiful Hexe and some of beautiful me of course!

Who joins the red-bandana-club? Other red-bandana-ladies out there?


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