Sliding? Yes!… Swimming? No!

My dogness! Mum had so much work this week! Yesterday morning we even didn’t go to the dogpark! Such a hurry to leave for work. Mum was talking about dictionaries and the other library-lady waiting for her and talking to do???

I asked her several times to make the film with Holly, from last weekend, you remember? No time! I don’t know the tv-typing-machine good enough to do it myself and the blinking thing, I may not touch… problems enough! But after dinner she said that maybe she has time tonight. We went out: it was raining cats and dogs, mum and dad said. I see no cats and dogs, but I don’t like rain! So I pee and poop quickly and I wanted to turn back home… to make the film, you understand! 😉 But you don’t know mum… Evening walk is evening walk… rain or not… 😦 So no quick returning! This lady was wringing-wet… Ggggrrrrr.

But mum is showing me the film! Oh yes, what a sliding party! And no, I do not go that far in the sea as Holly does… But it was so much fun!


    • Hello you four!! Oh yes, it rains here a lot and it’s very windy since a few days. Rain passes first over there at your place and few hours later it passes here… Maybe, the cats have something to do with it, yes, dogs surely not anyway! Spring??? In spring it rains too… my grandpa says! Even in summer… Life is difficult these days… not only difficult, also very wet! 😉 Big hugs to all of you, Kita

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