Yes, a bottle!… Euh, where? Spooky, this bottle!

When mum was getting the little film of me and Holly off the blinking box, she was laughing a lot! She found a film of me of that same day, but early in the morning! She said it was funny!

She showed me! Well, I think it was not to laugh with! I was playing with a bottle. I explain what happened! I found a bottle in the water of the sea! Mum said it was rising tide and I had to be careful. So I wanted to take the bottle out of the water to play with. But it was stuck! I was pulling and pulling and pulling. Nothing worked. Then I taught I should be clever and bite the top of the bottle! Didn’t work neither! And then… the bottle disappeared! Gone!!! I looked and looked and I could not find it!

And mum? She was filming and laughing!! She said this was very lively… I don’t think this was funny! Bottle was gone! And me, I could not found it… little stupid for a dale-lady… no?

But I found another one! 🙂 A big one! Another bottle and another problem… water was to deep, this lady hates a wet belly! 😦

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