City-lady?… Muddy, stinking bandit!

My dogness! Oh, my dogness! Molly, Monty, Winnie and Taffy in the UK were complaining last week in their picture-stories everything was all muddy and too wet! So I did answer that this dale-lady had more to complain about! Our dogpark is a swamp for the moment. Asked mum to make pictures on Sunday, even Grandpa’s paws were in the mud! 😉

Although the swampy situation, we go play there! And this lady is a little bit carefull not to get too muddy, normally. But this evening, in the dark, without my light-collar (mum forgot to put it on), I was naughty! That was not my idea though, you understand that immediately of course!
One of my new evening friends was there: Fons! A cocker gentleman! But, dog, he likes running and playing. When I want to rest, he barks to go on running! This guy likes sports.

So, Fons said we could go splashing in the most muddy part of the dogpark! Without collar, mum did not see where we ran! But she knows we are safe: fence of the dogpark is solid and high! So she was talking to the dad of Fons. Of course, at a certain moment they heard us… splashing, somewhere! She used the whistle-language! Off I went. Into the part of the dogpark with the lights… to my mum!

You should have seen my mum’s face! And surely the dad’s face when he saw the long ears of Fons! Mum said that I’m a dale-bandit! 😦 But this bandit-lady had big fun! 🙂

At home she got the pawplunger… She says I do stink of this swampy water! 😉 Pics available… 😉

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