Kita sends Valentine-greetings to… a very special girl!

So today is Valentine Day… What on earth is that! I could look it up on mum’s tv-typing-machine… Got a lot of very clear explanations from my friends Tarquin and Tyee! Thanks guys! So it is all about love…

Well then… I will send special greetings today to a very special girl! I’ll explain! There are Sam and Ike in Wyoming and their mum! Wel the Hump Day-mum has a very lovely and special human sister! Why is she so special? She works in a library, just as my mum does! And she is always smiling, she loves the books very much and she reads a lot of books!
My mum says this smiling lady may come to Antwerp and make mum’s library a lot brighter and she will make all the visitors smile too!

Sam and Ike’s mum did send some pictures of this lovely smiling library-girl! And something else is special! She has airedale-friends! Look!

So I send her a very big and special, smiling Kita-aire-hug!

You want to read about this special library-lady? Just click!

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