Kita… and Mr. Bean!

My dogness, this is an exciting discovery! You won’t believe your eyes reading this! But it is the truth! I did some research… euh, well, euh… the human mum of my mum Funnygirl looked it up for me!

What? I tell you! I have family all over the world. Yes I know, the aire-doggies and aire-folks are one big family, they always say so!
But I have real relatives all over the world, with the same name! My first name is Kita, but my family name is ‘Van ’t Asbroek’. Well, I found out that other aire-girls and aire-gentlemen called ‘Van ’t Asbroek’ live in different countries.

There is my famous price-winning litter-sister Karolle Van ’t Asbroek in France! And there is my mum Funnygirl who lives in the Netherlands now.

And than there is Mr. Bean!! He lives in Norway! My dogness, he is a handsome sir! Ohlalalala! His official name is Iammrbean Van ’t Asbroek! His mum is a littersister of my grandpa! No, not my grandpa Lennox (he is a labrador!), my real grandpa: Desmond Van ’t Asbroek! So you see he is my cousin! Or almost! 🙂

And than there is the brother of Mr. Bean who is in Mexico! But mum can’t find him on the tv-typing-machine! But my mum knows the mum of Mr. Bean and his mum sent some pics! That’s how I know he is so handsome! 🙂

And you know what? All of us are born in Zoutleeuw, in Belgium! There live a wonderful human doggie-dad and doggie-mum! They really love their dales and know everything about them! I love going there… to be groomed! Aire-dad makes me a lovely and beautiful and real airedale-lady Van ’t Asbroek! I’m proud to be a Van ’t Asbroek-airedale-lady! I sure am! 🙂

Look at the pics of Mr. Bean. He is a beautiful Van ’t Asbroek-airedale-sir, who went abroad to Norway. You can see we are relatives, can’t you?!!!!

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