Mum, sniff it!!!… Spring is in the air!

These days mum has a lot of work and she has a lot on her mind… That’s what I think! How do I know? Well, when we make our afternoon or evening walk, normally she talks to me regularly. I have “to heel” a lot, as a lady should, of course…

These days there is less talking and less “heeling” to do. I can walk a bit ahead of her – as a real lady should not do of course – and as long as I do not pull (accidently of course) on the leash… well she does not remark me stepping ahead of her! That’s very odd! My mum who does not remark such a thing, very bizar!

But the part that worries me most: she did not sniff the spring in the air! That’s a pity and a shame! So today it was not her pointing out young flowers and leaves, but me. I pulled on the leash and sniffed! Pulling is good to get attention! At least she did understand what I was saying and she took the blinking thing! Pfff, back to normal! Back to the talking 🙂 …, back to the “heeling” 😦 and… back to the fototoot! 😉 We are back in business, thank dogness!

  1. Hello you all, maybe you are right! there is a big obstacle tough! My mum is very, very stubborn and difficult to train!!!! She is worse than a terrier… 😉 Have a nice weekend! Still raining there? Hugs, Kita

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